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• Who is the one person dangerous enough to use Kryptonite against Superman?

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Gary Frank
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Variant Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Oh man, it’s covers like these that make me say, “What the F…..”

  2. I’m pretty much into this until Trinity War comes around in the Summer. Not interested in the event but this is a good chance to see how Johns writes the League with smaller stories beforehand.

  3. Oh hey, it’s like a lame version of Tower of Babel.

  4. At this rate we’ll be reading a re-hash of inifinite crisis by issue 35 :p

  5. I can wait and see. I like these stories.

  6. Looks good from the preview and my guess to the mystery guy sneaking around is the adult Damian clone. Cue someone telling me why that isn’t the case as he’s dead or something but I don’t read Batman Inc. so meh!

  7. Why do I keep getting this??? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Shazam backup.

  8. Man. Haters really come out of the wood works to bash this book. You’d think it was a Marvel event from all the trash-talk.

    • I agree. The first two arcs were mixed, but I’ve been really enjoying this book ever since the Atlantis cross-over started. Hoping that Johns can keep it up. . .

    • Yeah, Trinity War is what? Six issues total? How many issues did AvX spill over into with Tie Ins?

  9. I wanna start reading this now that Zatanna will be on the team. I read the first three or four issues of the Jim Lee run, didn’t really enjot it. Can anyone recommend a good jumping on point? Or should i just wait till issue #22?

  10. This book has really turned me around, in no small part, I suspect, due to Ivan Reis’ jumping on. Throne of Atlantis was one of the funnest stories this year, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Also, it may go without saying, but SHAZAM is damn near perfect, every time. I’m so very excited that it’s getting its’ own hardcover.

    • You’re totally right about Reis, this almost got my pick just for his art alone. And Johns is really stepping up the story here too, this feels like much more than a simple Tower of Babel rehash (even if it might have similar points).

  11. As soon as I read “Who is the one person dangerous enough to use Kryptonite against Superman?” my first thought was “Batman”.

  12. Really enjoyed this. I’m starting to think Johns should stick with simple stories like this because they are much more enjoyable then his big event books. He’s covering familiar territory what with Tower of Babel and Sups/WW relationship but they’re still interesting to read up on. It doesn’t hurt to have Ivan Reis to do the pencils either….

    Oh and I’m falling in love with this new Atom because she’s a great character to read. For once a new character in the 52 is interesting to read.


  13. Two things that bothered me with this issue:
    1. Characterization going out the window to service the plot, here with Diana’s “nothing can stop us” spiel. Going from Wonder Woman to Justice League…she really sounded like she was being mind controlled to me.

    2. I know some people have called out similarities between this and Tower of Babel, but more recently, wasn’t finding out secret identities and sneakin’ into the Batcave a fair bit of what Death of the Family was about? I’ve no problem with taking insparation from great stories, but didn’t that just happen two months ago?

    Plenty of other things to like about this book, but those two just stuck out to me.

    • 1. That’s just the bad ass Amazon warrior Wonder Woman. I know she is usually written a lot more compassionate, but I like her being more hardline and Superman having to talk her down.

  14. Yeah, I also like head strong, fight loving WW. I mean, she IS of a Greek, warrior race who aspire to conquer in battle and deitize those who embody these qualities well.

  15. I’m glad I stuck with this series. I wasn’t looking forward to reading this but it was a great issue. The art by the master Reis didn’t hurt. Can’t wait for next month now!

  16. I liked this book from the very beginning… not sure where all the hate’s been coming from. Geoff Johns got too popular?

  17. Really enjoyed this issue in spite of the obvious Tower of Babel plot device

    Great interview with Geoff on Smodcast too recently – Fat Man on Batman – worth checking out if you are a fan. Delves into his past and how he got his start in film

  18. Really awesome issue. This title is really good and never seems to disappoint. And can’t wait for Zatanna to join the team!

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