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Price: $2.25
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%
Avg Rating: 5.0
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  1. I know for a fact I’m the only one who picked this as my pick of the week (as of this moment) and it’s 88%?  Somethings not right with the algorithm.  I don’t know what kind of math is going on in the background but somethings not right.

  2. /agree. I’ve noticed in previous week that I’ll vote and my vote will be worth say 3% and that some comics will have something like .12% potw votes… which would mean that some votes don’t count as much as others.

  3. Okay two things:

    1) If one out of 3 people who pulled this Jughead and made it POTW, shouldnt it be 33% then?

    2) Purdue: Um…..why was Jughead your POTW? lol

  4. I don’t think the number of pulls play a role in it at all.  If you sort by "pick of the week" and add up the percentage, it looks like it’ll probably add up to 100%.  So, I’m guessing it’s just (number of picks for this book / total number of picks).  That being said, unless I’m not the only one picking this book as my pick of the week, why is my one vote worth 13% while other books with at least one vote have like .5%.  I don’t get their logic.

    I just wanted to pick something I was sure no one had voted for.  The cover looks awesome though.  What kind of milkshake/soda is that!?  Looks like strawberry, but is it?!?  And why is Jughead sharing a sode with Trula!?!

  5. @Purdue: Uh yeah yeah….I was thinking of that as well looking at the cover….O_o;

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