In the 22nd century, crime runs rampant in Mega-City One, home to over 400 million citizens, robots, criminals and lunatics. The only line of defense between anarchy and chaos are… the Judges. And Judge Dredd is the toughest of them all. In this, Judge Dredd’s 35th anniversary year, IDW is proud to re-introduce Judge Dredd to America in this all-new ongoing series.

Story by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Nelson Daniel & Paul Gulacy
Cover by Zach Howard, Ashley Wood, Jim Starlin, & Whilce Portacio

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  1. Although this is a “re-introduction of Judge Dredd to America,” I hope they don’t americanize it too much. The charm of it is that British comics are different in tone and style than American comics. Hope this is good.

  2. Why not, I ordered this.

  3. The only comment need is “I Am the Law”

  4. Not to plug another website that is, of course, far less superior than this one, but here’s a preview of issue #1. As a huge Judge Dredd fan, I’d say that this looks pretty damn good:


  5. Always knew of Dredd as comic icon, but never had the chance to read any of the 2000AD stuff or see the new Dredd movie,which I can’t wait to pick up when it comes out on Blu Ray. That being said I really enjoyed this alot.. I know Swierczynski from his Godzilla and Blood Shot work so I knew he was a very talented writer, and he didn’t disappoint here. I’m a sucker for robots gone bad stories so I’m very intrigued, and very much at awed with the whole Metro City back drop which makes Gotham City look like a great place to raise a family. Plus who doesn’t love a fascist with a Giant GUN called lawgiver with 10 special speeds. 4/5 I’m done for this

  6. Really liked this! Balanced the elements introduced in the movie and the original stuff set up by 2000 AD and Wagner well and set up an interesting universe.

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