Loki has assembled his team for his secret mission in the shadow of FEAR ITSELF. Now, he just needs his equipment. Is there anyone Loki won’t won’t turn to get the power he needs?

SPOILERS: No, probably not.

The question has to be whether the young boy has the guile to survive turning to them, and whether the promises he makes to secure the chance of a tomorrow will only ensure that the tomorrow will see Asgard as black as a cinder.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Doug Braithwaite
Colors by Ulises Arreola & Andy Troy
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Stephanie Hans

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Easily the best Marvel ongoing right now. (Well at least until FF/Fantastic Four comes back to form). I wish they could just call this Loki already though. The original name makes no sense in the context of the book.

    • Man, I find ‘Journey in Mystery’ to be one of the awesomest names in comics! I hope they keep it around.

      As for the content itself, indeed it is spectacular. The best thing coming out of Fear Itself, hands down.

  2. I like the name simply because I can call it JIM… I’m easily amused.

    But yes, this book has been simply fantastic.

  3. I can’t believe that the guys havn’t discussed this on he show! Every issue that has come out has been my pick of the week! People reeeally don’t know what they are missing with this! A few more issues of such quality and this will enter top 3 all time greatest Thor runs (in my eyes–but I know I won’t be alone in that sentiment!)

  4. JIM. thats funny. no doubt this is marvel’s best book, regardless of what form FF is in. does anyone know if this title will be blessed with this creative team for a while, or is this dream doomed to be too short lived?

    • No word. But Gillen is jumping off Generation Hope (that title never did anything for me) But I’m going to assume that the praise JIM has been receiving isn’t going unnoticed. It is absolutely the best thing Gillen has written for Marvel and it seems to be selling quite well too.
      And this book has been THIS good as a Fear Itself tie-in??? Imagine what this team could do for their own arcs?? Sky’s the limit.
      Heck, this book IS the Fear Itself event for me! As far as I’m concerned, Fear Itself is a story about Kid Loki’s war with the Serpent, and it’s the best “event” comic on the stands!

  5. I believe there are a few Mephisto issues coming after this issue…..and then Volstagg might be taking over as main character once Fear Itself is over.

    Okay so maybe calling it ‘Loki’ is a bad idea.

    • I really can’t wait to see where Gillen takes this. His characterization of every character involved has been incredible. I’m actually almost jealous of all the folks who will inevitably discover this in trade and wonder why the heck they weren’t picking this up.

  6. a mephisto run sounds cool, but i was really hoping this would remain loki’s book.

  7. Loki needs to remain a major character, even if the focus drifts around a bit. One of the reasons this has been such awesome-sauce is that GIllen has nailed the voice of this child Loki. Pure mischief in ways the adult God of Mischief could never achieve. Also Braithwaite has been perfect. I think he drops off soon (apparently he can’t do 2 books a month at a sustained pace) but I pray he returns.

  8. This has been a really great series, I think the best Marvel is consistently coming out. (Daredevil might beat that if the art continues to be that gorgeous). Gillen has a great handle on Loki and Braithwaite is a great choice for this series.


  9. Just awesome. No book makes me smile as much as this one. Surutr’s reaction to Loki was genuinely hilarious. Some fantastically enjoyable scheming from Li’l Loki who is quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

    And that last panel made me cheer a little.

  10. Daredevil #2was fantastic, truly. but was it my POTW? Not even close. This run on JIM is gonna be one for the ages, folks. Read it!

  11. Jeez, but this book is beautiful. What a creative team, and what a character! While the plot has gotten a bit too convoluted in a few chapters, the clever and helpful recap pages solve that problem nicely. A real gem.

  12. I’m noticing a pattern that every character says something on the lines of: “You can’t trick me Loki!”….and then he winds up doing it. lol

    • Yeah, that almost took me out if it in the Surtur scene.

      “LOKI! God of Trickery! Last time we worked together you betrayed me! You’ll never deceive me again!”
      “Ok. So, how ’bout giving me your crazy God Sword?”

      Panel of the week: Loki fleeing from the Hell Hound.

  13. Best page turn in along while definite contender of the year.

  14. I would love to have a big print of that final splash page to hang up, that was gorgeous.

    • I agree. This book is always a blast from start to finish and the cliffhangers always make me grin, even as I begin to count the days till the next issue.

  15. JIM is once again my POTW… I think noly one issue of it hasn’t been. That’s some good consistent comics right there!

  16. “I fear that this is a poor day for the new town of York.”

    another fantastic issue. i’m not bothering with Fracture’s new Thor title, as i didn’t like his first arc on the old, but this creative team i hope keeps going for awhile. Mephisto, then Volstagg? yeah, i’d buy that . . .

  17. think i’ll skip the volstagg run

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