• The MANCHESTER GODS dread URBAN PANTHESISM arises in the north of Otherworld, the British Subconscious!

• Don’t look panicked. We just mean “Civil War”. A Civil War that Asgardia refuses to interfere in. Publicly. Behind the scenes, Loki is a one-man intervention force.

• Also: Secret mission from Hela!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Richard Elson
Colors by IFS
Cover by Stephanie Hans

Price: $2.99
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  1. Love Otherworld.

    With this and the recent Uncanny X-Force arc, I wonder if Marvel is testing the waters for another Captain Britain series.

    • Copyright laws say something about using a character every ten years in order to maintain the characters name. Something to do with the old DC/Marvel battle over Cap. Marvel/Shazam. Brit. also appeared on Secret Avengers as of late. I think it’s only a matter of time til he’s got a title again.

  2. Skipped the New Mutants crossover. Anything big I need to know before jumping back into JiM?

  3. Manchester Gods = Man City!

    Take that United fans

  4. Finally! I can go back to reading this….

    For about a couple of issues till I leave it again for the Fraction crossover.

  5. I placed my August orders which included Mighty Thor for the start of Everything Burns…JiM takes all crossovers in stride and seems to actually thrive on them…

  6. Avatar photo MindTrickdMedia (@mindtrickdmedia) says:

    back onto this title thanks to the Exiled crossover.
    Looking forward to seeing this crossing with the Mighty Thor, which I just got back on bc of the Enchantress and Dr. Donald Blake.

  7. Gods. Yes. Fantastic concept, fantastic dialogue, just… bloody fantastic.

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