• Nightmare Has Forged His Ultimate Weapon…With The Help Of A Certain Diminutive Norse God. Oops.

• Will Daimon Hellstrom Let Loki Get Away With It?

• Fear Lords? You Want Fear Lords? We’ve Got Seven Of Them. Get Your Fear Lords Here.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Richard Elson
Colors by Jessica Kholinne
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Stephanie Hans

Price: $2.99
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  1. Enjoying this story while I can. Before I decide to take a break once the Exile story starts. Could care less about that crossover.

    • I just started reading JiM with issue 632 and I actually picked up New Mutants to see why they would be crossing over, and now I am enjoying at least one X-book. I’ll probably stop reading both books once the Exile story is over due to budgetary reasons.

  2. i’m of the opinion that gillen should stick to mythological characters, because his thor related books are phenomenal, but i couldn’t care less about his x-book affiliations.
    i would love to see him on a hercules title.

    • of course hercules would need a costume redesign that the masses would condemn as unforgivable and a tweeked origin that would reveal that lord ganesha(or maybe jupiter, lol) was in fact his father instead of zeus for this to have any chance at all for success

    • I thought his X-Men work was great until Schism screwed it up.

  3. Will JiM never be free of that cursed “Shattered Heroes” logo?

  4. this is a good book, but i have to say that i’m starting to get bored with it.
    it’s been at the bottom of the pile for a while now.
    there’s a million things about it that is wonderful, i just don’t seem to care anymore.
    this may be my last issue. at least for a while.

    it’s not you JIM, it’s me. i just got a lot going on right now and you need people who can appreciate you for the wonderful book you are. it’s only fair. i hope we can still be friends.

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