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Happy Holidays, Hex fans! You’ve been good this year, so we got you an issue drawn by the incomparable Eduardo Risso! Jonah Hex was sure he’d seen it all – but that was before he was hired to escort a delivery through the desert. Who or what is “The Package”?

Art and cover by EDUARDO RISSO

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Oh yes! I have missed the hell out of Risso and him doing Hex is even better!

  2. Risso? Okay, sold.

  3. I’m still a bit behind on Hex trades but it seems like Circus Freaks and Jonah Hex goes hand in hand a lot.

  4. That’s an awesome cover.

  5. That’s the coolest looking thing I’ve ever seen Risso draw!  I love freaks.

  6. That was an amazing issue, probably the best of the last 6 or so I have gotten since June. It seemed longer than it really was because there were such different settings and I just loved every minute of it

  7. The art was great in this issue

  8. Probably my POTW, loved everything about this issue.

  9. Don’t usually pick up Hex, but I’ll grab this i think.

  10. Midgets.

  11. @WadeWilson  They MADE a comic for you, Wade. You should be pleased/honored.

  12. @OttoBott lol I am humbled & honored. When will my nipples stop tingling?

    Great issue, by the way =D

  13. God this was gorgeous. I have missed the hell out Risso. I want him back on a monthly like tomorrow

  14. This was awesome!  I haven’t ever read Jonah Hex, but the Risso art pulled me in initially.  The story was great…I’ll be looking for a trade of this next week.  

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