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  1. not sure anymore. might drop this after this issue. i HATED the art so much. im just not sure if i want to stay on it anymore

  2. well, you could always just skip this one and wait til next month. All new art, all new story.

  3. @rayclark- You are crazy to drop this. So classic and old school is this book. It licks the alphabet all over the nostalgia button. If you go back and read some classic older issues from 80’s or 70’s (I picked some up from a 50 cent bin) and compare it with Jimmy-Pal’s run, it’s like Apples vs Diapers Shitted in by New Born Baby. Last ish was admitedly not my fave,(way too convienent snake placement and dude I read True Grit) but come on, check out the page numbers and bask in the glory that is mainstream Comics greatest, most lovingly produced and well thought out book. Those page numbers blow my mind. All comics used to have them back when they were printed on that grainy, newspaper paper that was so easy to turn and discerne. The industry switches to this glossy stock thats so slippery and thin, its nearly impossible to not miss a page when reading a book. So you finger the page corners lightly, BUT firmly so as to make sure that you’re not jumping ahead and spoiling some reveal that has been alluded to for weeks and months, while not scrunching the bottom page corners of all your books. Not prob for Jonah Hex fans. Bravo, Yahoo and Yippy-Kai-YAY!!

  4. hahaha

    Yeah, this book is great. The writing is almost always excellent. Art . . . not always perfect.

    This is easily one of the five best ongoing comics I read.

  5. Actually I really enjoy Beck’s art in Jonah Hex.  These have been a couple of my favorite issues since #26.  I like when they add the horror element as long as they keep supernatural stuff out.

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