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  1. How come this can’t get more pulls? It’s consistently good, and Hex is one of the most interesting characters in comics.

  2. @Kory. It got me. I’m in…

  3. @jobob-That’s good news.

    I want more people to buy this so it does’nt get cancelled.  Although I don’t know the sales figures, my shop owner says I’m the only customer that buys it and to me that’s a shame.  But maybe it sells more other places.

  4. If this was going to get canned, I think they would have done it at 30.  I think it’s holding its readership pretty steady.  There isn’t a more new-reader friendly book out there, so there is always the potential for this to gain readership (like Walking Dead).

  5. Solid writing, new-reader friendly and features a complex character.  What more do people want?

  6. I think more people don’t read it because it is a western plain and simple. I know I was hesitant to read this book due to this fact. I recently read the first few trades and although I enjoyed them as a whole the individual issues contained within seemed to be hit or miss for me. I guess I just didn’t see the consistency that everyone else does. I do agree however that the format of the book is VERY new-reader friendly and I especially like the done-in-one stories. I will probably pick up the rest of the trades in the future but this isn’t a book I personally need to buy in issues.

  7. They should have Hex dress in ugly blue and yellow tights and have claws pop out of his hands then maybe people will give it more attention.

  8. This book is really good. I have picked up a few trades. I may just pick it up in singles since it is one and dones.

  9. I liked this issue but the art was ugh.

  10. The girl had a nice rack.  Soryy to all you feminists out there.

  11. Weirdly this was my pick of the week. Even though it was a typical Jonah Hex story i felt mad at god for cursing him with the duty of riding the world of evil or maybe it just reminded me of Unforgiven somewhat, all i know is he wanted to quit and life wouldn’t let that be and i felt incredibly sorry for him. Good stuff.

  12. This was the first issue of Jonah Hex that I felt was just wasn’t that good.  You can read my review to find out why, but to me this might be the issue that signals the end of Jonah.

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