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SlySally03/10/08NoRead Review


  1. I personally think this is the best book going right now and can’t recommend it enough.  The rotating artists are almost always surprisingly good and Jimmy Palmiotti’s dialect is always spot on.  I love this book.

  2. This was my first time buying Jonah Hex in a long while, and I have to say this is the worst issue of it I’ve ever read. The art was pretty much incomprehinsible, and the large potions with no dialogue or narration just expounded the problem. I’ll probably still pick up the next issue, considering the rotating artists, but at least I know to steer clear of this Rafa Gares guy from now on.

  3. yeah, this was not a strong issue of Jonah Hex, its possible that I didn’t get it, but this was a rough read for me this week.

  4. I think there might have been other issues of Jonah Hex that I didn’t like, but none of them where this bad. The story wasn’t that bad, but the art was.

    In general, one-shot issues need to have above average artists. The best one-shots have art that conveys alot of emotion and excitement, while moving the story along quickly with easy-to-follow layouts.

    In this issue, the page where Jonah Hex was being taken up the mountain in chains was confusing as hell.

  5. The art was disgusting this week, ugh.

  6. This was definitely the least readable issue of any comic I picked up in a while.  I really enjoy Jonah Hex and its rotating artists but the art was just awful.  i thought it was just me that thought this way. 

    The next issue has art by Jordi Bernet (I loved his last issue) so the next issue can only be better.

  7. This book was awful.  I hated it, thankfully I’ve read other Hex books or I would have never consider it again.  Yeah, it was that bad.

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