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  1. Jason Aaron. The Penguin. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Yeah! I hope Batman plays a decent sized part in this, it will be very cool to see Aaron’s take on him.


  3. Looking forward to this also.

  4. I have to echo everyone else’s sentiments on this one. Jason Aaron on anything Batman has the potential to be pure gold.

  5. Is this the same Jason Aaron that is writing Ghost Rider, because I read an issue of GR a not too long ago that featured a battle with hospital nurses and if this is the same guy that wrote that then him doing anything Batman will be worth $2.99

  6. I’m drunk on Batmania right now! And after the iFanboys convinced me to pick up the first Scalped TPB I cannot wait for this. The cover alone is worth the price.

  7. @Kory: Yes this is the same Jason Aaron. He is still writing Ghost Rider and doing an AMAZING job. Also check out Scalped from Vertigo which he created and is still going on (2 trades are out so far). Furthermore, he wrote the last issue of Hellblazer (and the next one) and is also writing 3 upcoming issues of Black Panther. He has also done various one-shots here and there for various publishers.

    I think I have read everything that Jason Aaron has wrote thus far and NOTHING has disappointed. If his name is on it I am buying no matter what the book is. If he can get me to read Ghost Rider and LOVE IT, he can do anything. 

  8. @comicdork37- thanks for answering my question and I plan on reading those titles you mentioned

  9. Wow, everybody loves a guy who has wrote a shitty Ghost Rider comic? Seriously, I read the trade with all of Aaron’s stuff….and I’m not making any connections like you guys are about this guy being great.

    The last Asylum was pure garbage. So with a bad first issue, then your telling me the ‘best’ Ghost Rider writer is writing this Penguin story….Yeah gonna have to say skip on this.

  10. @TheNextChampion: How could have read the trade of Aaron’s first arc on Ghost Rider when it isn’t even out until December according to What was so shitty about it?

  11. @Kory: Almost forgot about Aaron’s recent run on Wolverine with his Get Mystique arc, the TPB is out in September. He also did a single issue (#56?) right before Marc Guggenheim’s run that is collected in The Death of Wolverine TPB (either came out or comes out recently). ALL good stuff.

  12. My mistake, thinking of the wrong Ghost Rider run….Still I wasnt a huge fan of that run either, maybe it’s just cause I dont like Ghost Rider…

    That Wolverine arc was pretty good, had a stupid conclusion but I was entertained by it. Maybe I’ll flip threw it at work, but I dont wanna waste money on this still.

  13. I havent read any of the Scalped but i have read everything that Aaron has written for marvel so far and if this issue is half as good its worth the 2.99. I really wanna see how he handles Batman for srue!

  14. @TheNextChampion – Read The Other Side & Scalped if you wanna know why Aaron has all this hype. His Marvel books have been great too, but those books I mentioned are his best work so far (IMO).

  15. @TheNextChampion – Wade speaks the truth. Read Scalped. Trust the Wade!

  16. Jason Pearson art is a pretty exciting prospect as well. Why doesn’t that dude draw more?

  17. DC kick G-Mo off Batman as soon as you can and do whatever to get Jason Aaron Writing Batman.  Loved his Penguin. 

  18. @Kory: Agreed. However, I believe Aaron is signed exclusive to Marvel now (except for Scalped at Vertigo). This book must have been written before that deal went down. I agree that his Penguin was awesome. I have always liked the character idea but never seen him as much of a threat until I read this story.

  19. @comicdork37-Dan Didio should call Joe Quesada and propose a trade…G-Mo, a couple of DC direct toys and a pack of chewing gum in exchange for Aaron.

  20. @Kory: Being more of a Marvel Zombie than a member of the DC Nation I am glad Aaron is at Marvel. While I did love this story and think he would definitely write a better Batman than G-Mo, I think Aaron’s gritty style of writing fits Marvel better. His work on Wolverine and Ghost Rider have been AMAZING. I will even be buying the next 3 issues of Black Panther JUST because he is writing them (I would have NEVER even thought about buying that book in the past).

    Plus I don’t think you could pay Marvel enough to take G-Mo after the last issue of Batman RIP. 

  21. This issue was awesome! Too bad Batman wasn’t really in it, besides two (strange) pages … why was he tellin’ Batman that stuff? lol I agree with you guys about Pearson, too! Dude looks good!

    And Aaron on a regular Batman title? That would be my comic dream come true right about now.

  22. Very interesting read, I quite enjoyed it.

    Found the bird smashing scene very disturbing.

  23. @Wade: He was telling Batman all that stuff because he’s in love. His head is in the clouds. It was soliloquy.

  24. @comicdork37-that whole argument that Marvel is more gritty than DC is a tired old statement. It may have been true years ago but both companies are pretty even now.  Have you read or seen anything Batman in twenty years because Batman is plenty gritty. I’m not arguing I’m just saying I get tired of hearing DC has bland characters who are’nt edgy.

  25. @Kory: I have just started reading DC titles in the last few years after MANY years of ONLY Marvel. I do agree that there are a bunch of gritty Batman books out there that I have enjoyed greatly. I guess I still have a little bit of my old bias of DC being full of a bunch of boy scout characters (i.e. Superman, Justice League) however I have recently been proven wrong, thankfully.

  26. @comicdork37-I was’nt going for a whole Marvel vs. DC thing I just get tired of hearing from friends and people at my LCS that Marvel is so much better when to me they are pretty even.  To me you go with characters and stories you love.  I’m typically 50/50 on both companies.  Through the 90’s and 2000’s I had the DC Animated Universe which started my love of Batman, made me appreciate Superman and introduce me to characters like Green Lantern and my 2nd favorite character The Flash so thats the reason I identify myself as a DC guy.

  27. @Kory: I used to go with characters (that’s why I only read Marvel back in the day, it was Wolverine and X-Men or nothing) but I have realized that for me it is more about the writers these days because there are so many really good ones. Jason Aaron is my best example because I would never even think about reading Ghost Rider or Black Panther before he showed up. The Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale team-up was what go me reading Batman while Paul Dini has me reading even more. Mark Millar and his Red Son story showed me that Superman could be interesting and Darwyn Cooke got me excited about the Justice League characters with New Frontier. Garth Ennis got me reading all sorts of crazy shit like Preacher and The Boys while Warren Ellis has me hooked on Fell and Transmetropolitan. The list could go on. So I agree that the Marvel vs. DC thing is getting old especially when there is good stuff coming from everywhere these days. And while some of my favorite characters will definitely grab my attention on the racks, it’s the writer’s name in the corner of the book that usually makes me pick it up these days. 

    I just finished the Batman Animated Series, Batman Beyond and I am working on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and loving them all. How is the Superman Animated series from the 90s? I am looking forward to watching the Batman Dark Knight Animated DVD that just came out this past Tuesday especially after DC did such a good job with The New Frontier DVD.

  28. @JumpingJupiter — I think you’re right mate. 🙂

    @comicdork37 — The Dark Knight animated is AWESOME. I’m not a huge fan of anime, but it’s worth watching for all Bat-fans & links Batman Begins to the new movie.

  29. *Gotham Knight DVD … my bad.

  30. @comicdork37- Superman the Animated series while not as great as the Batman series was just as great in it’s own right.  The aesthetic of the show was brilliant.  The colors in Batman were dark and moody and the colors in Superman were bright and vibrant contrasting the differences between the two characters.  I was never the biggest fan of Supes as a child but I bought this on DVD on a whim and it gave me an appreciation of the character.  I liked the characterization as Superman was a boyscout but he could have a confident, commanding if not standoffish side which showed that he could be a guy who could lead a group of personalities like the Justice League. In short I highly recommend this series to anyone even the most die-hard Superman haters you’ll find you might like him as I was once a Superman hater.

     The best episodes to recommend In my opinion are "Apokolips..Now!" part 1 & 2.  They were dedicated to Jack Kirby and featured a character death and a moving funeral at the end.

  31. @WadeWilson- I hope Gotham Knight is good because I saw a commercial and hearing Kevin Conroy’s voice with the anime style did’nt seem to fit and I’ve been hesitant to buy it so maybe I’ll give it a chance.

  32. I concur that Gotham Knight is fantastic, really helps build the mystery of the Batman becoming part of Gotham society.

    I also agree with Kory, and I’m saying this as a huge fan of the Batman animated series, that Kevin Conroy’s voice felt a little jarring. Conroy’s a legend in the Batverse, always will be, but it just feels like the franchise has moved on so far that his voice felt out of place. Not hating though, and it didn’t make it less awesome. 

  33. By the way, I LOVE how the name ‘G-Mo’ has caught on here! If you hear it anywhere else, just remember WE started it, guys!

  34. @Eyun- I will not let G-Mo die!

  35. G-Mo forever!!!

  36. G-MO!

  37. I just bought this and i must say it has to be one of the best comics ive read in some time

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