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  1. This was the one I was looking forward to the most.  This series has been hit (Penguin) and miss (Joker and Ivy) but I’m a big Scarecrow fan so, fingers crossed.

  2. I’ve enjoyed the whole series so far. Joker was weakest but fun, Penguin was easily the best and I really liked the Ivy book too. So looking forward to this.

  3. I forgot to get the Ivy book last week.  Hopefully I still can this week.

  4. This is 2 for 3 so far. For me, the Ivy one was the miss.

  5. I liked all three, but particularly Penguin and less so Poison Ivy. It’s a cool concept for a series and I’m looking forward to reading this issue. Don’t know anything about the creative team though…

  6. It’s funny how it says "A cast of top creators lends their talents to THE JOKER’S ASYLUM" when no one knows who these guys are, lol.

  7. @wade: Other then Aaron, yeah I dont know any of these writers and artists.

    It’s been hit or miss for me as well for the other parts of the series. Joker story just plain sucked, nothing funny or menacing about him in it. Penguin was pretty good and makes us know why he should be a feared person in the DCU. Finally Ivy was….well…I drooled for most of that issue with the hottness of Ivy….Does that make me a pervert? O-o;

    Anyway…I’m hoping this is good, cause nothing says crazy like a guy dressing up like a Scarecrow.

  8. @Champ (can I call ya that? I’m lazy) – I’m pretty close to you with these books — the first one was too corny for me, the Disney version of the Joker almost made me gag, the second one was awesome (and not just because I’m an Aaron fanboy, if anyone wrote the Penguin like this, I’d love it) & the Ivy issue was some nice eye candy with a story that wasn’t half bad either.

    So, if we’re keeping score with this series, for me it’s – 1 awesome, 1 OK & 1 crapola. So, that’s a 1 and a half outta 3?

    This is getting very technical.

  9. @Champ & Wade – Just went back and re-read the Joker issue and have to agree with you. It came across as one of those (very rare) eps of TAS that you watch and go "hmphh". Loved Penguin, liked Ivy. Hopefully this’ll round the series off nicely.

  10. Does anyone know how many of these they plan on doing?  Is it going to go around and around once they hit all the major characters?… hmm.

  11. Oh… maybe I should read what it says before I comment.  I see.  So this is the last one.  Thats kind of sad.  I’ve liked these.

  12. @CharlieBlix-  There’s a Two-face issue next week. 

    I hope this is good because I love the Scarecrow.  I think he’s a very underrated villian.

    I don’t know why everyone hated the Joker issue.  It was’nt spectacular but I thought it was at least average.  The whole issue you think he’s going to kill someone but he does’nt.  That’s why he’s The Joker,  he’s supposed to be unpredictable.  And the ending where he exposed the guy was fine because if you saw Dark Knight,  he enjoys pointing out societies flaws.

  13. @Kory – I think the Two-Face issue next week is unrelated, it’s part 1 of a 2-part Year One story. This series was a 4-part mini, meaning Scarecrow would be the last. I could be wrong though, it happens a lot. 🙂

  14. @Eyun – The Two-Face issue next week is part of this series, the Year One book comes out this week.

    Two Two-Face books in two weeks? I think Harvey would be happy with that.

  15. @Wade – You’re right. Damn, I’m off my game this week! I don’t get to see TDK until tomorrow night (stupid UK!) so I’m imagining things in anticipating things. But yes, Harvey would be smiling at that 🙂

  16. This cover art looks pretty good from here.

  17. The art in this book is a little different.  DC has a preview on their website.  It doesn’t look bad just different.

  18. 2 for 4 so far.  Second best in the series.  Penguin and this one are great.  I didn’t care for the Ivy  story and the Joker was  so close to being great

  19. Story was quite good.  I’ve always liked the Scarecrow.

    But the art?  Juan Doe must do those eSurance commercials:

    In other words, horribly lame style.

  20. My LCS didn’t have any copies of these left … is it worth chasing down a copy?

  21. I did’nt know if I was reading Batman or Scream 4.

  22. @Wade: No it is not worth chasing down a copy.  No it is not.  No one here has yet mentioned the ridiculous narration to go with the horrible art and mediocre story.  "Each of us knows, in some form, to a degree most deep and burrowing, what it truly means to be afraid."  Jesus Christ, Joe Harris, spit it out!  "Close your eyes.  Go on.  Block it out.  That’s what most will try, only to discover the awful truth . . . that the smallest space we often occupy is inside our own head."  So we sometimes occupy a space smaller than our own head? 

  23. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Very Scott Morse-like art.

  24. @flaggthecat- gotta agree this issue did nothing for me.  So far they’re batting .500  we’ll see how next weeks does.

  25. @flaggthecat — LOL! Sounds like I didn’t miss much … except maybe a laugh.

  26. I thought this was good! Very good in fact!

  27. Aw man … now I have to get it.

  28. I liked it too. But then I do have bats on the brain right now, so I may be biased.

  29. Just read it, and it wasn’t the worst of the series, (#1 still holds that title for me) I’d rank this one in the "OK" catagory that Poison Ivy’s issue was. I thought the Batman Animated Series type artwork was pretty cool.

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