• The Classic Edgar Rice Burroughs Tale Comes To Graphic Life!

• After Ten Long Years, Our Glorious Hero, John Carter, Finally Returns To Barsoom!

• Transporting Planet To Planet Has His Downsides, As Carter Finds Himself In The Valley Dor – The Land Of The Dead!

• Our Hero May Have Faced Martian Beasts, But Can He Handle Martian Gods?

Story by Sam Humphries
Art by Ramon Perez
Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Wow…look at the talent on this book…Sam Humphries AND Ramon Perez? With Jordie Bellaire on colors? I can’t wait to pick this up!

    With so few pulls so far, I wonder if the same marketing team for this series was behind the recent John Carter movie?

  2. At least the comic retains the points of the story. If you’re thinking of going to see John Carter DON’T and spend that 11 bucks on these marvel comics (including Princess of Mars) and the dynamite books.

    • @TheSquirell – Because John Carter doesn’t retain the points of the story, one should not see it? That’s rubbish.
      Guy Ritchies’ Sherlock Holmes movies did not retain the original plot points, but made for lively recreation.

      Go see John Carter because it was an entertaining movie…don’t avoid it just because it didn’t retain plot points. Oh, and buy the Marvel books too!

    • I have to agree with Kmanifesto here, John Carter was a hell of a fun flick, in fact if it weren’t for the movie I wouldn’t even be looking at this series let alone buying it.

    • I agree with justinsayne……if it were not for the movie I would not be checking out this series.

  3. Agreed. The movie was great. This looks great.

  4. I really enjoyed “A Princess of Mars” AND the “John Carter” movie (it is a criminal shame how Disney did not promote that film!). Agree with all above – support Barsoom in all its incarnations!

  5. Great comic…pocked it up because of Ramon Pereez art. Rd the comic Wednesday and saw the movie Friday…bot are excellent and now I understand the comic e en more.

  6. art and color: wonderful

    story and dialogue: lame

    a solid 3. i won’t be back. maybe i should check out the Dynamite version. i hear it’s better.

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