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All of Joe’s new allies and enemies descend upon the same battlefield as he and his army have their final showdown with Death itself! Hearts will be broken and sacrifices will be made as the white-hot team of Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy wrap up one of the most talked-about miniseries of the year in an unforgettable final showdown.

Story by Grant Morrison
Art & Cover by Sean Murphy

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. 5.5 months later, hopefully worth the wait.

  2. holy shit its actually here

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOO!! Finally

  4. Don’t really remember what is happening but psyched to finally finish this!

  5. I really regret reading this in issues. I only have a faint recollection of what’s happening. I need to go look for the back issues in my long box.

  6. Better late than never.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this.

  8. @USPUNX Agreed. I may need to re-read the first 7 before I read this last one.

  9. I’ve accidently bought the 7th issue twice, thinking I didn’t have it. It’s been long, but I think it’ll be great.

  10. Yes!! ’bout time!

  11. I’ve bought but havent read 3-7, due to getting into it late, and the book being late. I guess I’ll be reading this on the way up to Emerald City.

  12. Very very pumped.

  13. i hope at the end they get toby back from teh goblin king and jennifer connelly has a dance off with all the characters

  14. I gotta be honest – tradewaiting this was difficult. Now it’s only a short 8-to-13-months-away.

  15. This has been great, though I wish I had just waited for the nice deluxe edition hardcover…I might be tempted to grab that as well.  Sean Murphy’s art is gorgeous here.

  16. yeah, yeah, the art’s great. whatever, this was only a 5 issue idea i think. and this is me, edward, talking here

  17. Can’t believe it took this long to do one issue. Either this is going to have some incredible (dare I say, orgasmic?) art or Morrison had to do some type of MASSIVE rewrite for this.

  18. Finally!!

  19. @TNC I think I heard somehwere Murphy got the script pretty late.

  20. @TNC: or it was late and you should relax

  21. This should’ve been the first instance of when the trade is released PRIOR to the final issue.

  22. Murphy got the script late December I believe.

  23. @OttoBott  Late November, as far as I know.

  24. Okay…..this made no sense but it had great art. Seriously anyone know what happened because I literally have no clue.


  25. I really wish I’d reread the first seven issues before reading this one.  It was fun, but not as much fun as I wanted it to be.

    @TheNextChampion  He was struggling due to low blood sugar and a fuse blew.  He was hallucinating.  He drug his ass down into the basement to the fuse box.  While he was down there he found a soda to help the blood sugar and flipped the breaker.  On the way back out he found the note on the back of the upside down picture.  It was from his dad who has been shipped out (he’s a soldier), but before he left he found the deed meaning they won’t lose their house.  In the end his mom comes home and finds him bloody, crying, and baffled.  The end.  Everything else was a hallucination. 

    That is my take on it (without having reread the first seven).  I will admit it is a bit difficult to follow, but I think it is meant to be.  I believe he is going into shock/losing consciousness, so it should be a bit scattered. 

  26. @stuclach: Thanks for trying to clarify. Although I swear last issue, and actually I did reread all 7 before this, that both realities were literally mixing together. Not like it was all a hallucination, but Morrison seemed to be indicated that what Joe was hallucinating was actually real. That seemed to get dropped here and also it seemed to indicate Death in this was his Dad….that didn’t seem to get referenced here either.

    I think the problem for me with this is that Morrison always goes to the ‘N’th degree with his dialogue at the end of stories sometimes. So the stuff outside of the hallucination was easy to follow, but when it was all going to hell in the fantasy world it literally made no sense. Least that’s how I think of it. 

  27. Murphy hasn’t had the script for long. He’s one of the fastest artists in the biz, and all of the delays are due to Morrison.

  28. @TNC: Morrison’s dialogue is some of the best writing he does. He experiments occasionally with format and syntax which i love to read. it always informs about the character and is fun to figure out and think about.

     and on the other hand, when he writes straight forward dialogue it can have a wonderful poetic quality. he has a great ability to write topical, exciting exchanges and one-liners.

    i seriously don’t understand your point

  29. @TheNextChampion  I think it is meant to feel like the worlds were meshing.  I’ve never hallucinated to that degree, but I’m guessing Mr. Morrison has (many, many times).  I think he’s trying to convey how the hallucination (while it is happening) can feel REAL, but when you recover things become clearer.  I think the symbolism (like the one you feel exists between Death and his Dad) is meant to highlight how the hallucination is based on his real situation.

    However, I don’t claim to understand Mr. Morrison or his motivations and I also won’t claim that this issue was crystal clear.  Just trying to help.

  30. @stuclach: Now I’m interested to hear how much hallucinating you’ve actually had.

  31. @TheNextChampion  I smoked pot a few times in High School and once got so drunk (also in High School) that I asked the homecoming queen (on our second date) to marry me roughly 15 times in an hour.  I offered her a keychain as a ring.  So, while I can’t save I’ve had a full on hallucination, I’ve had a few surreal experiences.

  32. That … was … awesome …

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