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Gwen visits the Oregon street where she grew up, coming face-to-face with a part of her past that she’d completely forgotten. Meanwhile, the monster-hunters and the vampire girls come to an understanding, Ellie meets Spot’s new roommate, and Galatea and Amon get cosmic. Plus, just when it seems things couldn’t get more exciting, Gwen goes to the comic book store! See what thrills await in the climactic conclusion of “uVAMPIRE!”

Art and cover by MICHAEL ALLRED

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. so what’s going on here? is this just totally average or what? i haven’t hear a thing about it.

  2. @edward  I’ve been enjoying it. It’s a little slow, but there are great character moments. plus I think it is work towards something bigger soon. It does throw some curve balls at you from time to time though.

  3. I agree, it’s a slow book but it seems to be building to something bigger. Plus Allred is great as always. I mean come on, he found a way to make a zombie attractive.

  4. iZombie is definiately a slow burn, but it is worth your time. I’m not into zombie stuff at all (I’m probably the only comic fan in the world that doesn’t read/like The Walking Dead) but I enjoy IZombie every month. It is nice to see a creative team actually building a story up over time, as opposed to the flash in the pan stories that populate most of the medium.

    Quirky, fun characters, intruigue, great story telling, cool art…overall, it’s a great bool.

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