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  1. I can’t believe I’m the first person to comment about this series!!  This is like the best thing since sliced bread!!

  2. #2 Contender for POTW.

  3. He’s the devil!

  4. You know, i have asked my store to take this off my list twice now and they keep slipping it in my stack. I think they are trying to push it on everyone they can.

  5. @TNC – He is red with envy.

  6. might start trade waiting this.

  7. @edward I thought you hated the art?  I figured you dropped this a while back.

  8. yeah, i did. Twice.

  9. Edward just can’t shake IRREDEEMABLE–it’s like the plague.   

  10. Oh man I am so excited! One more day baby!!!

  11. @AmirCat: I’m just as excited as you about this.  I is a very probable POTW.

  12. I’ve been reading this, but I really dont care about the other people in the book other than him/

  13. Not even "Winged Cuckold"?

  14. @Urthona: excellent word use. A+

  15. Ohhhhh I get it, he’s the eye ball dude from last week Punisher. Now he has bionic red eyes! OOOOhhhh!

  16. isnt every other scolit about finally meeting modeus? this has stalled for awhile now. thinking of dropping this too

  17. I haven’t read a bad issue of this yet.  I don’t even know what u guys r thinkin.  Different strokes for different folks, I suppose??

  18. The plutonians vulnerability has made this much more interesting to me.  I’ve love it so far, just wanted a little balance on the whole good/bad angle.  I continue to grow more engrossed in this story with every issue.

  19. Best art of the series, and its good to see why he finally flipped. Is it weird that I’m not surprised/shocked anymore to see the Plutonian be super creepy? 

  20. I must have missed something… a few issuing back that Charybdis dude only told the Paradigm that he is depowered, but really isn’t.  This issue Charybdis claimed he used the depowered thing to "sucker punch" Tony.  How would Tony know that he was depowered in the first place?

  21. and oh yeah… Cuckold is perfect… that was surprising and creepy for the winged dude… ‘was he the best you ever had’ wow…

  22. Not the strongest of the issues, but still a solid 4/5. I felt the reveal, while in concept was great, didn’t really pan out. I liked how it came without any notice, but I felt like it didn’t really have much of an impact that way. Also, although this isn’t a problem with this specific issue, I just can’t get behind most of the supporting cast here. I know who all of them are and can tell them apart, but there’s only a select few who I can remember things about, and who I like, really. I think taking an issue to do a bit of backstory about the supporting cast would be a good move. All in all, a great issue, with a few minor missteps.

    Oh, and that last page…creepy as FUCK.



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