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  1. this might be the book of the year. just might. it’s just so damn good. Indie book of the year for sure as far as i’m concerned

  2. yep, this is dropped. Not because the book s horrible but i can’t justify spending cash on a book that i don’t love for a indefinate period anymore. Sorry, peter

  3. I dropped this after #2 but decided to give it another shot after I read The Mighty.  I’ve still got issues 5 and 6 to read, but so far it looks like I’m dropping this again.  The Mighty is just so much more for a buck less.

  4. I just read the first trade and I really enjoyed it. The pacing is a bit weird (I’d like to see the progession of the insanity and not afterwards) but it’s a good book.

    Saying that, I will be on trades for this. Sorry to all.

  5. Definitely going to start waiting on the trades after #8.

  6. I just now read 5 and 6 and have decided that this isn’t worth the time or money anymore.  I still have no idea who the characters are, and the only story so far seems to be "Superhero turns evil, people need to stop him."  It’s a very surfacey book that hits you over the head with what it’s saying.  I’ll stick with The Mighty from now on.

  7. @Slockhart: amen, brother

  8. @ Slockhart and edward:  I haven’t read The Mighty (pull list can only be so long) but this book reads so good in issue that I really can’t imagine dropping this no matter how good another book is.

  9. Thank you Spoons.

    You’re my new favorite!


  10. I agree with slockhart.  I’ve had a hell of a time relating to the lesser characters due to lack of development.  But the Plutonian is a fantastic character.

  11. Wow, what an absolutely incredible comic book. The best of the series by far, I think. I will admit that I would like to know more about the side characters and I know so little about them that I sometimes get confused and have to think back to who they are and what they do, but I couldn’t imagine switching to trades on this one. I can understand someone not liking it, but if you’re on the fence about this, it’s an absolute must read. An archetype turned on it’s head. 5/5.

  12. This book constantly rocks. Can’t wait for Incorruptible!

  13. Month in and month out, each issue of this series has featured moments within each issue which I’m pretty sure are going to stick around in my brain for a long while, if not for years to come. In my opinion, if there’s one word I could use to describe what this series is shaping up to be, it would be "memorable"

  14. Love the creepy love thing Plutonion’s got for Bette Noir (the slut!)…what DID he do to Encanta?

    The story with Dr. Seabrook was great.  Waid reminds me a bit of Alan Moore in that he seems to really think alot about some of the nastier realities that would come with being Superman.

    The Charybdis reveal at the end felt totally contrived, on the other hand.


  15. @Edward – I went to your pull list to see what crap you should dump instead of this book…but instead you had a really quality pull list, so, uh….guess you know what you’re talking about! 🙂


  16. @Urthona
    I disagree on the Charybdis reveal.

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