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  1. Wow, awesome cover by my favorite artist John Cassaday. Hope the book’s as good.

  2. Neat cover. Excited for the book as always. Seems to be a lot of good covers this week.

  3. Edward …. where you at ?

  4. Yeah, Edward…where are you?

  5. lol hello hello is there anybody in there just nod if u can here me


    what is a dude with wings going to do against the Plutonain? i hope the plutonain does something to that dude would make caligula blush

  7. Oh, we’ve got a few surprises with this issue.  I think the Plutonian goes to a whole new level of evil…

  8. ive seen the preview the art is awsome   🙂

  9. Peterporker…you trying to get Edward going?


  10. ya god damn right.   but being truthful as well

  11. Irredeemable hasn’t disappointed yet.

    Going from what Mr. Peter Krause said, I can’t wait to see what the Plutonian will do in this issue.

  12. serenity now… serenity now… serenity now… SERENITY NOW!!

  13. I hope he rips those wings off.  I’m just saying…

  14. no, seriously, is that what turned Plutoian bad? the old ‘serenity now’ trick?

  15. Dang!  Edward figured it all out!

    I guess the cat is out of the bag….. 

  16. This is the end of an ‘arc,’ right? I’m almost as interested in how the narrative is structured as I am the actual story itself. It’s been a real treat so far.

  17. in the preview i saw sarah died. is that the little girl from issue 1 because i dont remember her dying just being kidnapped

  18. "Choose ten"  moment of the week

  19. HOLY SHIT!

  20. PotW for me.

  21. Every month I wonder if Waid and Krause can make The Plutonian any more evil, and each month the answer is yes. "This is what it feels like," indeed.

  22. excellent and devious as hell

  23. Choose. Ten.



  24. Yeah, that was freakin’ crazy.  I love the UN scene as well.  Mark Waid doesn’t seem to have a good opinion of human nature when it comes to panicked situations.  Or he just embraces it.

  25. Mark Waid was at a local shop here in Arizona the week after issue #2 came out. Believe it or not, there wasn’t even a line. He signed an absurd amount of books for me. I asked him if he found writing extremely evil characters cathartic, and he just gave me an evil — but happy — grin. Then I asked him when he was coming back to Spider-Man after 24/7 ended and his entire demeanor went back to his usual happy self that you see in interviews.

  26. Bonus amusing comment from Waid – When he was signing my Obama Spidey #583 he started talking about all the other comics that started slapping Obama on them and he said that Obama himself did read Spidey #583 and as far as he was aware, he was the only writer that can claim that Obama read his Obama story and he’s very proud of that fact.

  27. A lot of fun.

  28. peter where are you?  🙂

  29. I was watching the grilling episode….

    Thanks for all the kind words! 

  30. I just finished the book, excellent work. I’m really enjoying it.

  31. Way to go Mark Waid and Peter Krause.  You guys have out done yourselves with this first arc.  I’m hooked and can’t wait for the story to be completed.  I love how we are slowly being shown the downward spiral of the Plutonian.  How there was really no 1 thing that sent him over the edge but it seems that it is going to be more of a culmination of events.  While I can’t give it my pick of the week it will probably come in second.

  32. getting better, pete, getting better

  33. I got lucky at Heroscon in Charlotte and met Mark Waid. He couldn’t have been nicer. I got his autograph on the first three issues of Irredeemable and Cap. #600. I read all three that day and, wow! Awsome! #4 didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait till next month.

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