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Revealed at last–the secrets behind the Bette/Gilgamos/Plutonian triangle as we learn just what brought Gilgamos to the Paradigm team originally–and why he may never trust any one of his former friends ever again! An apocalyptic superhero ongoing by the author of multiple Eisner Award-winning KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE!

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Peter Krause & Diego Barreto

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Unless surprised this will probably be my last issue on this

  2. Hey Peter!

  3. Hey Edward!

  4. This is my favorite comic.  I always look forward to Irredeemable, but this is the first time a cover has doubled my anticipation.

  5. Man, why is Bette checking out the camera? That’s creepy!

  6. Isn’t everything about our comic creepy?

  7. I love how Peter and Edward have this weird bond with eachother now.

  8. Yes, isn’t it special?

    Edward, if I go to visit Down Under, you’d put me up, right? 

  9. Sick cover! Anybody know who drew it?

  10. it depends on whether you like sleeping in the filthiest sharehouse on the planet but, yeah, ok, i suppose

    oh, and there’s no toilet paper either

  11. Hey Peter!

  12. peter, say hello to nathan!

  13. Can’t wait.

  14. Hello Nathan!

  15. Edward,

    Sounds great!  I’ll bring my own tp.

    And I’ll reciprocate if you come to the states with fine lodging in my garage.  The roof doesn’t leak (much), and never mind the mice.  They won’t nibble on you unless you smell of brie… 

  16. mmmm, brie

  17. This book is progressively fantastic.  Whatever that means

  18. Or fantastically progressive….

  19. or protastically fangressive…

  20. I like this book, I like the characters, I’m interested in what happens next, I just wish there was more to it.  It goes so slowly, and none of the issues are really fulfilling.  It’s like a meal at a French restaurant, tasty but not filling and when the bill comes you feel kinda ripped off.  I like it, I just want more in each issue.

  21. don’t worry, peter, i’ve never been to a french restaurant.

  22. This issue was one of the better ones for sure.  For a while I thought this story had sort of an inevitable arc it would follow…but now I’m not quite sure where it is heading.  The title, "Irredeemable", is making me wonder.  Is the Plutonian irredeemable?  For the first time, I think I can imagine him somehow coming out of this a hero of some very sad sort?!?  Can a mass murderer be redeemed?  If you ruthlessly killed millions but saved the whole world, where does that leave you?

    Plutonian already seems a notch better than Survivor.

    We’ll need a new name for "Winged Cucklold".

    This book continues to deliver.


  23. @Urthona – "Winged Cucklold"! hahahhaha

  24. This book started great… now not so much! I just realized that it’s only 24 pages for $3.99, so I’m not buying it anymore. Same thing with Incorruptible, not buying it until they give me more content.

  25. I always enjoy this comic book, but that checklist on the front is starting to lose some its potency.  Mayve they should include an asterisk for "dismembered".

  26. I’m enjoying Incorruptible more than this title. I dunno about this anymore…

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