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  1. I want a trailer for the new movie before I start buying comic tie-ins.

  2. Between this being a month late and Iron Man 2 sounding like it’ll be a trainwreck, I really wish I hadn’t pre-ordered this…

  3. The stills they’ve released are so across the spectrum there’s no making any sense of it all. I need a trailer to provide context and assuage my fears. I’ll withhold judgement/panic till then.

  4. So far I’ve heard it’s going to be about Whiplash, War Machine, Black Widow, Rescue, Tony’s alcoholism, something about flashbacks, and something secret with Olivia Munn (ugh).  Needless to say I’m very worried, particularly about that last thing.

    But back to the comic, I’m curious to see how turns out.  Usually when a mini like this comes out it means that it’s not good enough to interrupt the main book, but considering how busy things are over in Invincible, it might actually be quality.  Note I said curious, not excited.

  5. That’s almost as bad as seeing Rourke in that pre-production still. Man I am not looking forward to seeing this new Whiplash.

    Couldn’t we just have Crimson Dynamo? Sure he’s like Iron Mongler, but more people probably would like to see a better suit going after Tony.

  6. I’m confused

  7. Well there’s four dollars I’m not getting back…

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