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  1. How has this arc been?  I haven’t picked it up b/c it’s a fill-in writer and I’m not really suffering from a lack of Iron Man.


  2. This arc has a new writer to Iron Man. The prior writers, the Knaufs, were taken off of Iron Man: DOS.

    I am unsure how this arc will go. So far, it’s been okay, but nothing fantastic.  

  3. @ohcaroline – It’s the only Iron Man book I’m reading.  It’s too soon to tell about this arc, though, it’s been two issues and mostly action.  There have been bits of cleverness, though.

  4. The last arc, Haunted, was great.  It’s getting released in TPB this week (I think), its worth reading.

  5. I’ll probably hold off, then, and figure out if I want the trade —

    I have read all the Knaufs’ issues, I’m just reluctant to pick up a new Iron Man writer when I’m already following Fraction, Brubaker, and Bendis’ versions in other books.  

    I believe Chris Gage is doing the Secret Invasion tie-in as a Rhodey story, so I’ll be sure to pick it up again then. 

  6. I actually liked last issue.  I haven’t enjoyed it like I do Fraction’s book so far, but as of now, I’m liking it.

  7. @Tork   — Ahh, that’s cool.  I don’t mean to be down on this title, I just don’t feel like it’s urgent to get it as it comes out.  The existence of good ‘Iron Man’ books always makes me happy.

  8. The art in this book was interesting; very dynamic with a lot of visual energy.  If you don’t like "loose" looking art then this won’t be for you, but it’s well done for the style.  The first three pages have a didfferent art style (which I didn’t care for in an Iron Man story) so if you’re just checking it out be sure to flip through most of the book to get a feel for how it looks.  The writing is solid – the dialogue reads well and you can follow most of the ins-and-outs of the plot easily.  However, as a continuity geek this series has felt "off" for a while and this issue got further off course for me.  Dum Dum Duggan is still in it (and I doubt it’s supposed to be the skrull version), and Paladin makes an appearance.  Strangely, Stark has no idea who Paladin really is (secret identity) even though he’s a registered hero and Stark is the keeper of the registry.  But the book has to be post Civil War since Stark is Dirctor of SHIELD.  Of course, that complaint is just my true geek coming out.   Bottom line, if you’re on the fence about this one I’d suggest waiting for the trade (save a few bucks – the story isn’t "current" so there’s no rush to read it now) or look for #29 and read that first to see what you think of the story.

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