AT LONG LAST, INVINCIBLE RETURNS TO HIS ORIGINAL COSTUME! After the shocking events of the Invincible War and the cataclysmic battle with Conquest, Invincible is ready to turn the page to a bold new era: just in time for THE VILTRUMITE WAR, starting in next month’s INVINCIBLE #71! This special self-contained issue will bring readers new and old up to speed on everyone’s favorite superhero comic. If you’ve never read INVINCIBLE, now is the time to dive in! And if you’ve been reading since the beginning: You know it’s all been leading up to this moment! Either way, hold onto your hats!


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  1. I’d love to get the Larsen/Ottley cover but am not sure if my store orders enough copies to qualify for it.

  2. but…I like the new costume better O_o

  3. Me too.

  4. Hmm… would this be an okay place to jump into issues? I’ve just finished the 4th Ultimate Collection, patiently (just barely!) waiting for the 5th. 

  5. yeah the new costume was way better. what’s going on?

  6. @Prax-How does the 4th collection end? 

    The reason I ask is because the preview pages I saw for this were pretty steeped in getting people up to speed on recent events.

  7. @Prax-It’s meant to be a good jumping on point, so you should be fine. Of course, that means you get spoiled on the stories you haven’t read yet. If you don’t mind that, I highly recommend picking this up.

  8. Dude! This is always a must pull!

  9. I’ve always hated the goggles on his costume. 

  10. Here goes the great costume debate!

    Seriously, though, why the change back? Has anyone read anything about why Kirkman/Ottley decided to do it?

  11. Can finally jump on. Is the ongoing 2.99?

  12. @NathanNicado JUMP!!!

  13. Larson/Ottley cover would be awesome to get, whats the ratio of all the different covers?

  14. @HailScott-Kirkman always said he would return to the old costume eventually. He seems to coordinate it with breaks in the story that serve as good jumping on points for new readers.

  15. hope my shop has the ottley cover!

  16. @NathanNicdao: Yes the ongoing is $2.99.


    @jwaesch: According to eBay, it looks like the regular cover is by David Finch, the Darwyn Cooke cover is 1 in 10 and the Erik Larsen & Ryan Ottley cover is 1 in 25. Also there is a David Finch sketch cover which is 1 in 50.

    That really blows. I was hoping the three main covers would be evenly distributed because I really wanted that Erik Larsen & Ryan Ottley cover. I would have happily settled for the Darwyn Cooke cover instead but for some reason I really don’t want that David Finch cover at all.

  17. No offense to David Finch. His cover just seems kind of off and not Invincible-ish enough to me. Maybe too crosshatched to death.

  18. Okay, if the convenient LCS has this, I’m plunging into issues of Invincible. If not, I’ll have to wait to go to better-stocked-but-inconvenient LCS in a month or two. 

  19. @Simmons: Geronimooooo!!!!

  20. Arrrggghhh Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Always buy this title, as long as Kirkman is writing – but I’m not happy about the reboot. I really find it annoying when a reboot has the same creative team (Like Powers . . . )

    Either maintain the numbers of the issues or go the route of Hellboy & BPRD with one shots and limited series.

  21. @Arrrggghhh- What do you mean reboot?  This is just a one shot to serve as a jumping on point for new readers.

  22. @Arrrggghhh-Yeah, what @Spoons says. Its a one-shot. Then #71 ships out a month or so after this. 

  23. @Spoons, Drake: Tell’em Steve Dave!

  24. Consider me an old school costume fan. As far as I’m concerned they can give Invincible’s newer costume to his brother. That travesty of a costume he wears needs to go too. (I’m asuming it’s bad on purpose. A reflection of his youth and bad taste. Think Kitty Pryde and those horrendous Sprite costumes she would wear.)

  25. I too am a fan of the old costume.  The black-and-blue one just didn’t pop like the original.  I liked how Kirkman seemed to continually acknowledge the amount of exposition.

  26. UGH! This was a real slog to read. Just… painfully long. I still enjoyed it, but I was ready to tap out before the two page spread. While I haven’t yet seen the new costume in a story, I never really liked it from promotional art and covers and such, so I’m glad to see the old costume back. 3/5 for me. I’m definitely coming into issues with Invincible on this but…. egads, the exposition… there was nary a panel with fewer than 3 word balloons!

  27. Way too much exposition and dialogue. I understand it had to be done for new readers to get caught up, but it’s painful for long time readers to have to go through that. Still, decent issue and great artwork from Ryan and Cory.

  28. I thought this was a neat recap for people who haven’t been reading Invincible.  I’ve read up to the fourth hardcover so getting up to date with what happened since then was appreciated.  Can’t wait for the Viltrumite war.

  29. @Duraflametree: just a thought, don’t you find it weird that we look forward to wars?

  30. crud, my LCS got short.

  31. Where did Invincible return from anyways?

  32. @Spoons & drakedangerz
    Ah, well then . . . I take back my ranting at Kirkman.  Didn’t know this was a one-shot.
    As for the issue itself: Bit wordy, nothing new for old readers and properly too much information for anyone to enjoy jumping on with this issue. 

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