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  1. Very maybe on pulling this book.

  2. I’ll be picking this up.  Very much enjoyed the Atom Eve mini from a few years back

  3. I hope it has more of those "Meanwhile, Omni-Man is eating cereal" backup stories.

  4. from the same team that gave us "deep fried monkey" AND "depp fried pirate" I’m in.

  5. This was damn good.

  6. Really really good story. Hope the goodness continues!

  7. Met Benito & Nate at a con a few years ago. There’s a reason Kirkman lets them use his characters. They’re a really good team.

  8. Bellegarde’s art is wonderful and I can’t get enough of it. I really don’t like Rex and Eve, but this was damn good. But I still hate them.

  9. This was really good.  Agree with zombox- I have never read anything from this creative team but I felt that they were very true to what Kirkman/Walker/Ottley have done with the look and feel of Invincible and this very much felt like the main book.  So- is the Atom Eve mini in trade?  Haven’t read that.

    BTW @rockingeek how come you don’t like Rex and Eve?

  10. @JMS74 Its a taste thing. Eve’s mini didn’t change my mind but maybe this mini will.

  11. Are the Atom Eve stories accessible (or is there a point to them) if you don’t read INVINCIBLE?

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