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START READING with this Point One issue.

Tony Stark takes his first steps into the future! The Armored Avenger soars to never before seen heights and he’s not going alone. Learn what it means to be Iron Man in the 21st Century! This issue sets the stage for the most action packed story in ol’ Shellhead’s life!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larocca
Cover by Salvador Larocca

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 13.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. What is the deal with these? Are they going to be more like recap issues for new readers or should I still buy it even if I have been reading Fraction’s run since the beginning?

  2. @mrmister  Information on Marvel’s Point One books here and here.

  3. So…not 500 or 501?

  4. It’s a Fraction penned Iron Man story and it’s 2.99–gonna go ahead and have to buy it.
    But why on earth is marvel not releasing these .1 issues day and date digital???

  5. @mrmister  from what i hear it’s a bit of both, the start of a new arc for the longtime readers and a jumping on point for new ones. best of both worlds. plus the preview looked awesome

  6. ok cool, thanks guys. last arc of iron man took a little too long to get going but ended up being awesome. 

  7. @mrmister  From the way Fraction has been tweeting this new arc looks to have more action and be a little more fast-paced

  8. @RoiVampire I’m not someone that reads comics just to see people getting punched but those first maybe five issues of that arc were a little slow even for me.

    Enjoyed issue 500 but the modern day stuff was way more entertaining than the future stuff. Reminded me of the first spidey issue [#7?] which i thought was awesome. Always excited for a new arc of this. One of the few marvel titles i am still reading.

  9. This has probably been the most consistiently great superhero book since the New Avengers started.

  10. @USPUNX  Yeah I think you might be right. I’ve only been reading since the end of Secret Invasion but I have yet to read an issue that was bad.

  11. If this Point 1 initiative were really about getting new customers to jump on board–wouldnt a highly publicized (by comics standards) push to have all the .1 issues day and date digital releases prove to actually bring in (at least some) new readers??

  12. @RoiVampire  What tweets are you referring to? I’m looking for an excuse to keep reading this book.

  13. This title has really taken a nose dive after the first 7 issues or so, I thought. I quit after “Worlds Most Wanted”, picked up 500 and wasn’t wowed,  but I’m going to try this one and see if I can come back.

  14. @Jdudley  It’s not really about getting new customers, it’s about getting more current readers to read these books.

  15. I actually thought the first seven issues were the weakest of the run.

  16. @Jdudley  Because Marvel doesn’t like money

  17. While I grant the arcs have been a little long, every issue of this book has been great.

  18. Marvel’s “budget price” of 2.99 this isue then back up to 3.99 next issue?  No thanks, not fooled.

  19. @JNewcomb  You’d have to go a few months back because of how long it takes between writing and the finished product but fraction seemed real excited about the action pages he was getting in from Loracco

  20. @BCDX97: same here, don’t care for backups.

  21. For those upset with Marvel’s 3.99 price point (who have IPAD’s), do what I do, let yourself fall behind 3 or 4 months and buy them for 1.99 on the marvel or comixology AP. Great way to support the growth of digital while also letting marvel know you wont buy 3.99 books.
    (and Ive realized getting out of the “must have now” mode and downloading them as they’re released digitally allows me to avoid books that people whose opinion I trust say arent that great) 

  22. @Jdudley  What are you reading that is being updated that frequently? Walking Dead?

  23. Walking Dead is day and date. Captain america a few months behind(main title and all the current running mini series–some of the the Thor minis are being released issue by issue about a two months behind too–seems that marvel is getting pretty aggressive about digital releases for mini-series), Locke and Key (IDW ap) is only one month behind, Morning Glories is only two months behind for digital releases, Hack/Slash is only about a month behind, Chew is only a month behind

  24. @jdudley. Captain America is only up to #48 on the marvel app so is almost two years behind. All the other titles I have come across for recent marvel titles have not reduced to 1.99 and are still charged cover price.

  25. the back ups in iron man have been so good. dont mind 3.99 for that at all especially when other marvel books are 3.99 with no back up or some terrible backup like nomad.

  26. I just read the first three trades (I still need to buy the 4th), and I’ve been picking up the floppies since the movie came out. I’m glad I’m buying this book, it’s really good. Definitely picking up the dot-one issue and really enjoying Fraction and Larroca’s work on the title. I haven’t enjoyed Iron Man this much since 1975.

  27. while this was enjoyable it was basically a recap. expected more of an intro into the next storyline. 

  28. This was great. And whatever that style or whatever Larrocca was drawing in for the flashbacks was, he should draw like that all the time. It proves that deep down past whatever the traced crap he’s been doing still lies that great talent he once displayed.

  29. interesting art change by Larroca

  30. I did not like this issue.  I thought it was going to be an introduction to the Iron Man comics that would catch up new readers to the current storyline.  But if all the story points are vague, what are we supposed to take out of it?  At the end of the issue I knew Tony was an alcoholic and that there’s something going on between him and Pepper (maybe).  I have no idea what’s going on in his life right now or why I should pick up issue 501.

  31. @nukethewhalesagain  Yup perfect opportunity for a one and done story that illustrates the themes of the previous run and sets up some sinister subplots with a cliffhanger. We didn’t even see the Mandarin or Obediah Stane or the Hammer Girls. I have been read a lot of Iron Man so I knew what the panels were, but to a new reader it would just be bewildering.

    The equivalent of looking at someone’s Iron Man vacation slideshow.

  32. As someone who has known a few people in AA this one really hit me. POTW

  33. I was disappointed by this issue.  I really liked the new art style for the flashbacks (though Howard Stark looked ridiculous) but as a reader of Iron Man for the last 3-4 yrs, I really tried to put myself in the shoes of a new reader and couldn’t help but think that this is an awful way to excite and keep new readers around.  The last double-page spead with the teaser images of what’s coming next was the best part…this should have been filled with wow moments but instead we get recap filler.  I think we all know Iron Man’s origin and we can easily read a wiki for what’s been happening lately…time to move on to what’s ahead!

  34. Yawn … There’s ten minutes and $3 I won’t get back …

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