In the wake of this summer’s hit IRON MAN 2, the brand-new storyline STARK: RESILIENT continues!

The Hammer Girls unleash DETROIT STEEL on a world hardly ready for that much metal and chrome, and God help anyone that gets in his way. Tony keeps sifting through the ashes of his old life and tries to rebuild who he is and what he does. Rhodey struggles to be a man of war in a peacetime empire. And, oh yeah — more of that amazing new suit of armor…

COVER BY: Salvador Larroca
WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca
INKS: Salvador Larroca
COLORED BY: Frank D'Armata
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Crud. I was hoping they’d keep the other design with the text sideways and all…

    Just pick one dammit!

  2. Loving this series. Glad to see it finally coming out of Dark Reign.

  3. Just thinking how much better this series would be without Larocca bums me out.

  4. @Grand: Hang on, he’ll drop out sometime.

  5. It’s a shame the art in this book doesn’t rise to the same level as the writing, but for me the problems have come more from the coloring than from Larocca’s art. Either way, I’ll still be picking this one up. If it was 3.99 though? Probably not.

  6. See, I like Larocca’s new style. It definately took a while to warm up to it, but it was killer on World’s Most Wanted.

  7. @Casey: Same for me.

  8. I actually enjoy Larocca’s style too. It’s Frank D’Armata’s style that brings the art down for me. He just over-colors for my taste and distracts from Larocca’s stuff which is otherwise quite good. I just know I would enjoy it more (and I don’t think I’m entirely alone in this) if it was a bit less shiny.

  9. Last issue rocked the chutzpa (even if the artist accidentally drew Thor as a fat Asian man for one panel), can’t wait to read this. 

  10. Based on the penciled pages that are included in the hardcover, I’m inclined to place most of the blame on D’Armata. Larocca’s stuff isn’t hot shit, not by a long shot, but D’Armata clearly takes it down a few notches.

    But with that said, I love Matt Fraction and what he’s doing on this book. Bring it.

  11. Larocca is an incredible talent.  You people are nuts.  (Says me, the insane person!)  🙂

  12. I would say Larroca "can be" an incredible talent. He has done some really great work. It just feels a lot like he has started to take a bunch of short cuts in more recent years that come across very poorly on the page. I get it. His short cuts probably let him put out more issues which let him make more money. It is just a shame, because I think you can see how good he can be from time to time.

  13. I think he’s an adequate artist personally and he’s been on time for two years. He’s better than some artists who are late.

    I like him for that. He’s reliable.

  14. first i love this book and am excited to see it again, i feel like it just came out! i am not a huge fan of the larrocca style, but i think it really works for this book.

  15. Love the writing, hate the art. I’m just hoping there’s no more photos shopped in for the backgrounds in this issue.

  16. Sounds like this book is a great Iron Man series. The movies really got me pulled into the world of Iron Man. Recently bought The Iron Man Omnibus, Demon in a Bottle, and Doomquest hardcovers. Definitely going for the omnibus of Fraction’s run.

  17. Xman fraction’s run has been brilliant!

  18. I think larroca’s art makes the book. Im also inclined to believe that the colorist is to blame for the degrading quality of the pages. Sometimes the book looks amazing and at other times , its just plain ugly.

  19. My only problem with this book is that I’ve gotted used to Stark with a goatee and in this book he’s been all moustache.


  20. Hahaha Diabhol I totally hear ya man! 😀

  21. Hey, all! New to Iron Man, but not too much to comics. (I’m a lapsed comic book reader) My boyfriend is gaga over Iron Man (ah, I think all engineers love him), but anyone know where a novice could start with such a big subject? Where do you start to follow Iron Man?

  22. @jschooljunkette-Pick up the Invincible Iron Man Hardcover that was just released. It’s by the same creative team and is perfect for people that saw the movies and want to know read more on the character.

  23. @jschooljunckette – If you don’t want to make a big commitment, last issue (#25) was a good jumping on point.  It was mostly the start of a new storyline, and there is plenty of recap throughout the book to get you going.  If you read the one-page synopsis on the first page, it will give you sense of the story up until now. 

     If after reading issues 25 and 26, you decide you like the book, you can always go back and get issues 1 – 24 in trade paperback and get caught up on the whole story.  (Note: issues 20 – 24 are not out yet as a TPB, but knowing Marvel’s release tendencies, you won’t have to wait long.)

  24. Thank you both so much! It’s nice to come out of the comics closet and see everyone’s so great!

  25. @jschool: Welcome! 🙂

  26. Yes! I am always looking forward to this book, Always.

  27. Yeah, issue 25 is as good a jumping on point as any.


  28. @jschool the whole run has been great (1-25) but just 25 serves to catch you up enough

  29. This was the first really weak issue from Fraction in this run.  I thought the Tony Stark: Rebirth arc was too long, but it wasn’t weak.  This one was just bad.

  30. Anyone else think there was a cameo by Carmen Sandiego?

  31. In one panel – I was like, "why is Sawyer so pissed?"

  32. The writing seemed a little off in places, and the return of Sawyer from Lost was really distracting! (Come on Sal, I know you’re better than that!) Maria Hill’s face was really off in that four page scene, too. I gave it a 4/5. It seems to me that while the Iron Man redesign looks really nice on the covers and promos, the interior artists are having a tough time of it. In places here, the suit looks really bulky. In others the mask isn’t as rounded as it should be. JRjr’s angular and square jawed style isn’t suited to the suit either. It’s leading to really inconsistent looks for the character across several books in a short time-frame.

  33. Oh, I forgot to mention… I do really like the Spymaster redesign.

  34. I liked this issue a lot, but this series has been short on action since the last arc.

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t think this series will appeal to the action movie fans that are looking for a comic fix of Iron Man.

    I’m not all about action by any means, but I’m ready for some Iron Man brawls.

  35. RE: the art – To everyone that mentioned the coloring I completely agree.  Whenever I see Larocca’s pencils (like in the back of the big hardcover) I think it looks fine.  The glossy and over-rendered "realistic" coloring is what is actually off putting as far as I can tell.  I’d love to see someone take a more basic approach to the coloring.

    Plus you’ve gotta respect that Larocca’s been on time for the whole run.  People want every panel to be perfect and they want every issue on time and they want a consistent artist on the series.  Unfortunately it’s hard to have all three of those things.  I’m satisfied with not quite perfection so long as the overall product is good and I’m getting a timely and consistent series.  Just please fix the coloring 🙂

  36. I pretty much loved this in every way. I like that the story is breathing. Fraction is letting it be a story instead of "insert action sequence here". It’s totally working for me.

    Agreed on the inconsistent armor look.

  37. This was fantastic.

  38. I love the fact that Larocca’s been the artist for the whole series so far. I like a stable creative team even if I’m not a huge fan of the art.

  39. I thought this was ok. Just felt like nothing really happened. Lot of setup and blabbing.

    I like Larroca’s art throughout the series.

  40. Would Tony Stark really ask Maria Hill what "insouciant" means?     No.

  41. Plus, "an insouciant, little Caligula" is an entirely respectable phrase. There a lot of aspects to Caligula (crazy, sexually depraved, cruel, etc.) and Stark was just emphasizing one of them more. And it is just wierd, awkward writing to doubt your own turn of phrase and then make that part of the story in such an out of character way. THose are two panels something else could have happened in.

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