Double-sized issue! Co-released alongside this summer’s surefire blockbuster hit IRON MAN 2, this issue is the perfect jumping-on point for fans of the films and readers new and old alike! New year. New decade. New trade dress. New threats. New loves. New armor. New Tony Stark. New storyline: RESILIENT. Get onboard the Eisner-award winning INVINCIBLE IRON MAN here!

WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca
INKS: Tom Roberts
COLORED BY: Joe Infurnari
LETTERED BY: Keith Aiken
COVER BY: Salvador Larroca

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. i thought this was the issue with the new trade dressing 

  2. I LOVE the Herb Trimpe variant cover….

  3. im also still not sure about the new armor

  4. That Heroic Age banner is hideous.

  5. @Nawid: Friggin’ puke ugly! I’m embarassed to buy this and am seriously considering dropping this until they get rid of that friggin’s piece of turd banner! I’m not freaking joking!

  6. Looks tacky. Like they used MS Word to make it.

  7. igns preview has that cover listed as the variant and that this is the real one

  8. I can’t view that image from work. Does it have a cruddy banner on it?

  9. no but it dose have a sexy new logo

  10. @oldmanlogan88 there is also a Herb trimpe Variant that beats the socks off of both of these… you can see it here on the iFanboy list.

  11. @Oldman: You guys made my day! Thank you so much!

  12. that Trimpe Variant dose kick ass

  13. Is that the variant we now see on this page? It was updated…

    the one we see now looks frickin’ awesome!

  14. How did we leave off?  It seems so long ago.  Tony was in the hospital and he didn’t remember anything after like Demon in a Bottle right?

  15. We left off Tony awake, rebooted to pre-civil war. I think his brain is at extremis in the time-line due to that being the last backup he did to his hard drive/brain. Last page of last issue we see Tony reading through the civil war events and looking rather stunned while Pepper looked on with concern.

  16. So pre-Extremis?  He’ll no longer have Extremis, but he’ll remember it?  Oh, the humanity!

  17. @Josh, are you still reading this?

  18. I’ve been reading this title since #1 so what’s on the cover couldn’t matter any less to me.

    But a double-sized issue starting a new storyline right when the movie comes out?  Probably going to be the first book I read this week.  Pretty cool Marvel’s had this series line up so well with the films.  #1 came out with the last movie and now a #25 as a good jumpon pt. now.  I’m not a fan of haphazardly & over-zealously done marketing but this attempt feels right.  One big reason why is the series has backed up the marketing push- it’s been a consistent and good series.  This book is like clockwork.

    I hope the book picks up some new fans, and maybe brings some new people into comics (don’t wel all.)  I’m happy that Marvel seems to be making the most of the opportunity presented by these Iron Man flicks on the comics side (when a movie’s out, the comics should be strong and accessible to new + entertaining to longtime readers).  Win-win for all.

  19. #1 of this series is the first single issue I ever bought. It marks my conversion from occasional library OGN reader to weekly habit reader.

  20. Geez seriously? All this fuss over a variant cover? Psycho bastards. 

    @Grandturk-Pre-Extremis brain, which means he won’t remember having it to begin with.

  21. For those of us who’ve joined Iron Man recently, what’s an Extremis?  It sounds like a playground put-down.  "You’re a Moronus Extremis!" "No, you are!"

  22. @Drake: Dude, I’m a full-time graphic designer. Crappy design literally has adverse physical effects on me.

  23. @JumpingJupiter Awesome!

    #1 of this series marks my first foray back into wider collecting.  I was strictly reading Daredevil & Conan titles during what amounted to about a 10 year "break" from anything else.  Now I have about a 20 title pull list, which is probably bigger than I ever had.

  24. @ctroseir: Extremis is the name of a mentally controlled technology that Stark bound to his nervous system. It was subsequently purged due to it’s ill effects.

  25. I love that cover

  26. The covers for Stark Dissassembled #20-#24 were beautiful. This one, not so much.

  27. Bad cover but the book is great so who cares.

  28. So…um…what ever happened to Iron Man:Viva Las Vegas that debuted at the sametime as this book?

  29. @MikeFarley: The book was put on indefinite hiatus because Jon Favreau (the director of the Iron Man movies) was writing it and as far as I know he did not have time in his schedule with all the movies to write it. Last I heard he was still planning to finish at some point, but some people did not like where he was taking things with Fing Fang Foom.

  30. good, bad, or otherwise, I wish every book had a unique trade dress.

  31. yeah soooo pumped for this, and i like the new logo

  32. Awesome cover. Can’t wait to dig the new SQ for AES!


  33. Anyone have a link to the cover that was originally posted?  All the hatred made me curious.

  34. @Slockhart – here they are. None seems too bad. 

    All the covers

  35. I don’t like that cover because I have to rotate my comic 90 degrees to the right to read that text.

  36. The new logo is great. Its nice to see that they are learning design is more than just a photoshop filter. 

  37. @Wally: Amen!

  38. I love early wednesdays on ifanboy…average rating is a 10

  39. I thought this was a solId issue but I really hate it when an artist base a character so directly on a famous actor. As soon as I realized that Tony Stark wad being “played by” Sawyer from LOST, that’s ALL I could see. You’d think Larroca would at least go with Downey JR, that I could understand…

  40. How about the lady based on Condoleeza Rice, totally took me out of the story.

    And the photoshopped backgrounds, particularly the ones when Tony and Thor were talking.

    Larroca should only be able to draw for this book when Tony has the Iron Man armor on otherwise it is awful. 

  41. He’s been basing Tony on Sawyer from the beginning, so I really don’t even notice it as this point.

    I really enjoyed this issue. A lot of comic for $4, that’s for sure. Love all the new setup and the different plot threads that are starting up. At first I thought there was going to be a cop out between Tony and Thor, so was glad to see that it isn’t over between them. I’m assuming that will be covered in Bendis’ Avengers Prime mini, but not sure.

    Anyways, POTW material here. It’s between this and X-Factor. I have to read them again tomorrow to make my final pick. 

  42. @mikegraham6 Larroca has used Sawyer a lot. Read his Warren Ellis book (i forgot the exact name for the moment… Universe One? Or something like that) and its exactly the same look just blonde. 

    Solid issue… questions though… How does Thor offer Asgards treasures when… Asgard is destroyed in seige? 

  43. Wow, excellent issue. The colorist needs an Eisner for making Larrocca look good.

    Want to read this in oversized hardcover but goddamn, this was one fine issue.

  44. I think the biggest mistake I made regarding Marvel comics was dropping this title after the first arc.  I don’t even remember why I dropped it.  I know I was enjoying it.  Anyway…Im officially back on board and will eventually read what I have missed.

  45. Holy hell! One of my favorite issues of the year so far! When he busted that armor out! And the convo with him and Thor? Damn good stuff!

  46. This was really good. Enjoyed the hell outta it. I haven’t been reading this regularly, but this issue was a good starting point. Looking forward to what comes next.

  47. good, but an oversized issue of setup.  greatly written, beautifully drawn setup.

  48. I can’t believe I only just noticed the Sawyer thing this issue as well!  There were just a couple of panels where the look or the pose were exactly like moments I could recall from Lost, and suddenly I wondered how I hadn’t seen it all along.

    Doesn’t bother me though–Sawyer’s handsome (possibly even more so with dark hair!), and the cocky swagger he carries himself with most of the time is great for Tony Stark.

  49. What was up with Reed’s head in Panel 1 of Page 21?

  50. @Gloomy  I know! Its like his hairline went from like a 55 year old to a 35 year old!

    I know Fraction is trying to move the character of Tony Stark from his Marvel U position pre-Iron Man movie, to somewhere more similar to the character in that movie.  I know this makes the character more accesible and as evidenced in this thread it has gotten people into weekly comics, but I’m not sure I like the way this feels. 

    It just seems to easy, I guess. 

  51. @Gloomy: He expands his brain in order to claculate how much juice the RT is pumping into Stark’s brain. It’s a lot of juice thus a lot of math, Reed "cheats" by expanding his brain. Then he says: "Oh my". I guess Tony’s pumping a lot of energy to his noggin’!

  52. JJ – Thanks for the explanation, I had no idea what that was. o_O

  53. Dam. This is what a $3.99 non-event book should feel like. Well worth the price of admission.  

  54. I was going to jump on with this issue but for some reason I just do not like the art and usually that’s not a factor but in this case it’s just incredibly unappealing to me so i won’t be jumping on

  55. Good story, terrible art.

  56. I love the new suit and the way he puts it on, but I thought for sure they’d go back old school red and gold 80’s Iron Man. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve never been this excited for a new Iron Man suit since his red and silver one back in #200. I think I was 12 years old.

  57. Lot of summary for new readers, totally understandable. The actual story, dialogue bits were really excellent. I bet if you edited out the exposition of how we got here it would read amazingly. The art – Larroca spread himself way to thin to get this monster done. Really a serious mess.

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