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  1. I love this cover…

  2. Easily my favorite book coming out from Marvel right now.

  3. I second both of the above comments.

  4. Second that second.

    Can’t wait to see how all this plays out with Siege starting next month. Is this on a bi-monthly release schedule now or are they just cramming these in before Siege starts?

  5. Wow, didn’t this come out like, two weeks ago?

  6. So excited for this. Last time I got the other cover by mistake, hopefully I can get the right one this time.

    @JJ Yep. Everyone assumed the book had shipped late once or twice due to Larocca, apparently it had to do with the timing of Dark Reign. Curious.

  7. As soon as I was finally sold on this title, the last issue went back to underwhelming me again.  I know most people loved it, but eh…  I’ll finish out this run before I drop (mostly for the covers)

  8. I wonder how long before every comic book adopts this type of cover, it becomes the norm, and then no one will think it’s special.

    I like it very much. 

  9. The cover is great but I want the old school style of comic book covers.

  10. @NathanNicdao-This ships with a 50/50 variant cover. You can pick that one up instead if you’d like.

  11. @NathanNicdao

    According to Marvel’s site, the 50/50 variant Drake alluded to is the teaser image posted on iFanboy not too long ago. 

  12. Salvador Larroca kicks ass.  Yes, this did come out two weeks ago.  Sadly, the quickness of this coming out means the damaged copies that came to my store haven’t been replaced yet.  Fucking UPS.

  13. Tried the last 2 issues after a long break from 5 Nightmares, and I’m dropping again=(.

  14. @drake,slockhart : Thanks. I will get what I feel is better.

    But what I mean is I prefer covers that we are used to in comic books. We don’t have to follow the norm of graphic arts in general by adaptiong this style. I still think that the best covers are purely done by hand. just me.

  15. Another thing I see is that Marvel is not sure how these covers will do that’s why the ship ’em 50/50. I had a hard time finding last issue in the shelves because of the cover.

    I miss the covers that are part of the story already because it is page 1 and I like it when the treatment of the covers and interiors are of equal quality. I also like iike it when interior artists draw the cover themselves.

    This is why there are collectors that are so called ‘curators’. Yes, comic books are art pieces but they are meant to tell a story.

    Guess who got carried away.

  16. My name is Jason and I’m a Graphic Designer. I approve of this cover.

  17. I like this cover a lot. I think it works so well because 97% of comics still use the old traditional covers. Traditions are great but we don’t have to be resistant to change. Also a fan of the animation cell look of the current New Avengers cover. I think, like interior art, diversity of style is what makes covers great. I love Jim Lee’s pencils but I wouldn’t want him to draw every comic book. Why should cover style be any different?

    What I can’t stand are the covers that have absolutely nothing to do with what happens inside the book. New Avengers has been particularly guilty of this recently. 

  18. My name is Thomas and I approve of Jason’s comment. I also approve of this issue and the run as a whole. Easily one of Marvel’s best books at the moment.

  19. @NathanNicdao-I love the covers. This doesn’t herald the coming of the apocalypse. It’s Marvel trying something different on one of their books.

  20. Oh thank God this is staying at 2.99. I got worried that they’d jack up the previous issue and then just leave it at that price, like with New Avengers

  21. Told myself I was going to stop reading this, but the last issue really hit home with me.

  22. I am actually enjoying this storyline very much.

  23. The first issue shipped in May of 2008, the 21st is shipping in December that’s 21 issues in 20 months.  Sounds pretty damn good to me.

  24. My name is Nathan and I live under a rock.

  25. @USPUNX : I hate that too when  covers become misleading and I also hate it when the story gets spoiled by the cover.

    I think this cover is safe.

  26. FF needs this style of cover. I love Eaglesham’s work on the interiors but they should let Hickman flavor up the covers.

     spiderman and ironman both have some nice looking covers this week.

  27. and yet another issue that should have come out after the conclusion to Captain America: Reborn…..oh well, still pretty awesome.

  28. Sorry to barge in but I thought this was funny:

    I was at my store and I saw the fantastic cover to this comic. Seriously the covers by Hughes are just amazing. (Remind me of Hickman’s art) Anyways I was flipping through it to see if maybe I would give it a shot. Then I turn the page and there it is: Pages upon pages of spoiling Cap Reborn.


  29. Decided to drop this… never been a fan of the art (pencils seem fine, but the coloring ruins it all for me) and the story is too hit and miss.  At the rate I’ve been dropping Marvel books, I’m wondering if I should even bother with Siege…

  30. This is the second issue in a row where something about the issue has bugged the living hell out of me and yet I went on to give it a 5/5 and make it my POTW. That’s a real credit to Fraction’s writing. This issue was a lot of fun, there are some great moments in it too. That said, Larocca’s penciling got a little wonky. Rhodey looks…. nothing like any iteration of Rhodey I’ve ever seen (Also, I guess Fraction’s selectively ignoring Rhodey’s current status quo?). Also, Pepper seemed a bit off model. Steve Roger’s face looked a little odd in places, especially compared to the more solid face of Bucky.

    SPOILERS – Now… let’s talk about the elephant in the room. WTF is Marvel doing!? This is the second week in a row they’ve undercut the ending of Captain America Reborn. This time is a little more damning than last week’s, let alone it really wasn’t necessary for Steve to even be in the story. Bucky cold have easily brought the shield (He did last issue.). I just don’t get it.  

  31. @Slockhart – MAN!! im in the same boat. I came into comics a huge marvel fanboy and a buddy asked between marvel or dc which i read more, and im down to only like 2 marvel books. I dcbs’ed the first 2 sieges but after that who knows.

  32. I enjoyed how pepper was conflicted about Tony then as soon steve walks in she is gungho

  33. @Shenanigans It bespeaks the American spirit that in this issue, Rhodey does all the hard work and Captain America just stands there and gets all the credit. 😉 

  34. @Prax: What are they supposed to do? Not publish any of their other books because one is late?

  35. @conor Even if Reborn had shipped on time it still wouldn’t be over yet, let alone after they added that issue. It just seems ridiculous to me. Granted, Flash Rebirth is guilty of the same thing, but they found creative ways to deal with the delays/extra issue and still get the other books out on time. This felt very blunt to me. "We’re just going to forge again and not even give the pretense of another outcome." Which is fine. However, Steve’s presence doesn’t alter the issue. In all honesty the same scene with Pepper could have happened between her and Rhodey. I imagine they’re a lot closer than Pepper and Steve Rogers ever were. You’re right, of course. But it was just disappointing. 

  36. Reborn started July 1 so if they did 5 issues it would be basically done by now, but we all knew he was coming back its just if he was going have the shield (in NA he didn’t in here he did)

    Plus on a side note, why would you put an on/off switch on your armor where you cant reach? O wait I forgot tony isn’t playing with a full deck right now.

  37. @conor: I’m sorry to jump in to this madness but if I can add something:

    Captain America Reborn is supposeitely the biggest story for Marvel this year. It’s bringing back the greatest superhero to grace the Marvel Universe. It undermines the whole journey of that story when there are now several other comics gracing Steve in full Cap grab ready to fight. Again I haven’t read DA Annual, NA Annual, or Invincible Iron Man. But there’s your problem right there! 3 titles have already given away what was going to happen to Rogers before the mini ended.

    Now I know your gonna say ‘well the journey is more important then the conclusion’ and yes the outcome of the story is painfully obvious. But the point is that this is poor planning by Marvel overall. They had to have known, especially with adding another issue, that the result of Reborn would be revealed in other comics. It also doesnt make sense on why they would sorta rush the conclusion of this ‘mini event’ considering they decided to add that sixth issue.

  38. @TNC: Of course it udnermines the story but, again, what woud you have Marvel do? Stop publishing all the related books because this one book is holding everything up? That’s not realistic. At a certain point you have to cut your losses and move on. DC is doing the same thing with FLASH: REBIRTH because at the end of the day one book can’t hold your entire publishing line hostage.

  39. How late is Rebirth?

    I had problems with this book. PraxJarvin mentioned a couple (don’t really care about the Rebirth thing though).

    Last I read, Thor seemed to hate Stark. I would like to have seen this dealt with. I understand the man is on his death bed but . . . also there should be a lot of subtext/unresolved conflict between Stark and Steve Rogers . . . these things will probably be addressed in another book. Still . . .

  40. I don’t have a problem with the re-introduction steve ahead of his rebirth series.

    What I have a problem with is… Pepper’s initial reaction to seeing a dead man coming back to life.  Instead of a holy shit, WTF moment, Pepper just hug the man in the cap custume… and immediately recognised him as Steve Rogers.

    Also, did osborn just sign off on tony’s body?  He is just going to allow this unknown Dr. Blake to take the &qu

  41. "world’s most wanted" man back to okalahoma without any guards or survillance.

  42. And…

    They just happened to have fully functional orperating room with all the neccessary equipment in a motel (the sooner inn) in the middle of okalahoma.?!?

    Will he be known as Tony 2.0?


  43. @ScorpionMasada

    Flash Rebirth started in the beginning of April.  Issue 6 is solicited for the end of January.


    Granted, I come from an almost purely DC background (I catalogued my dads comics for him once, of 7 longboxes he only had something like 50 Marvel issues [most of which were McFarlane Spider-Man and Miller Daredevil]) but I get what you’re saying.  I tried jumping on every major Marvel book, but it seems like the only ones that are sticking aren’t really connected with Siege.  I still haven’t given Cap or any of the Avengers books a shot (except Dark, which I dropped around issue 5) I’m definitely more interested in the X-Men half of the Marvel U right now, and I’m only reading Uncanny.

  44. I might’ve mumbled "Idiots" to myself once or twice while reading all the ‘spoilers’ to REBIRTH.  But we all knew what was going to happen and I’m not even that upset about it getting ruined.  As Conor said, you can’t hold up the entire Universe for one book, thats insane.  There’s no point worrying about it, and if you really are that upset I just feel sorry for you.

    As far as this issue, I really enjoyed it and thought it was a tremendous improvement over the last issue, which I didn’t care for.  The reuniting, more or less, of the ‘holy trinity’ was fun and I can’t wait to see them in action.

  45. I also am a graphic designer, and while I do love the more "graphic" cover, just like Ron said on last weeks show, it’s nothing new in the design world. Also, I’m a sucker for wraparound covers, and I’ve been loving those so far. The only covers that I absolutely hate are photo covers.

  46. @conor: I’m not asking to hold certain comics or just stop production. Plus I’m not saying any of these comics are now tainted because they have spoiled a huge story. All I’m saying is that this is horrible planning on Marvel’s part and they should’ve known better. I mean why would they add another issue to this!? I actually thought we were on #5 and not on #4! So it’s probably going to be even more ridiculous as the months go by. Hell, Seige might be halfway done by the time Roger’s ‘properly’ returns. Rogers might be fighting Osborn before he even knows what the hell is going on in Reborn.

    They just had to have known this was going to happen. The company as a whole now looks stupid because they couldn’t manage a simple 5-6 issue mini. Same goes for DC with Flash Rebirth! I shouldn’t just ignore that too because that is exactly the same problem right now. Apparently Flash BN #1 totally ruined the ending for Rebirth. So shame on DC for not managing that mini either. You know both mini’s have a lot in common on more then just bad managment issues.

  47. I just can’t get past the essential dumbness of the story Tony slowly lobotimized himself to get rid of some info when he could have called either Emma Frost or Prof X to do it in 5 minutes. You might say he didn’t trust anybody else to do it but he is trusting half a dozen people some he parted on bad terms with to bring him back. The end result of all this is to get Thor, Steve et all to make peace with Tony which feels to me both manipulative and hamhanded

  48. I might’ve mumbled "Idiots" to myself once or twice while reading all the ‘spoilers’ to REBIRTH.  But we all knew what was going to happen and I’m not even that upset about it getting ruined.  As Conor said, you can’t hold up the entire Universe for one book, thats insane.  There’s no point worrying about it, and if you really are that upset I just feel sorry for you.

    As far as this issue, I really enjoyed it and thought it was a tremendous improvement over the last issue, which I didn’t care for.  The reuniting, more or less, of the ‘holy trinity’ was fun and I can’t wait to see them in action.

  49. @TNC Blackest Night Flash #1 did not ruin the ending of Flash: Rebirth. As a matter of fact it talks around plot points from Rebirth. 

    @DarthDuck I’m not upset so much as I’m annoyed that it was easily avoidable. In fact, I’m more annoyed at the fact that the character’s presence was capricious than I’m annoyed that it spoiled Reborn (which I haven’t been enjoying anyway). Trust me, I’m not clutching the issue to my chest crying "WHY, OH WHY DOESN’T IT ALL FIT?" It’s just an aspect of the issue I didn’t enjoy and felt stood out like a sore thumb. I’m not quite sure when it became uncouth to express frustration with a story element. I think it’s telling that no one has actually addressed my objections to it on a story level, but on a shipping level. 😉

  50. stupid marvel delays…

    I want to see how rebirth ends already!!!!!

  51. @TNC

    The Zoom in Blackest Night is Zoom as he is now: dead.  The Zoom in Flash Rebirth is a Zoom from the future from after he comes back to life in a "normal" way.  By your "apparently" I assume you’re trade waiting and going by the podcast, in which case I think Ron just missed that point and thought that Barry kills Zoom again in Issue 6.  As for taking at least 10 months to do a 6 issue mini, I can’t really defend them (by which I mean EVS) on that one…

  52. Have to agree with @Conor here and say that Marvel just had to make the best of a bad situation.

    It’s unfortunate but there’s no way around it. I’m still curious to see how Roborn ends and in a few years when all of this is in trade no one worth their salt will care about these delays.

  53. Has anyone noticed that Rhodey is missing certain bionic parts?  Or am I the one missing something…

  54. @vadamowens I heard from a few people that this more or less undercuts the final issue of War Machine as well. "Shipping order? We don’t need no shipping order." 

  55. @vadamowens-This issue takes place after this week’s issue of War Machine. Apparently, he goes back to being human in that issue. So this issue successfully spoiled two books for people!

    I enjoyed this book a lot, but totally agree with the man named Prax. No, I don’t expect Marvel to delay everything, nor do I get upset about a book being that late. But there was absolutely no reason for Steve to be in this book. Absolutely none. He could have easily been left out and then just have Bucky around during some of those moments. He adds nothing to the story and is just thrown in in a very half-assed manner. I am not reading Reborn, nor do I care about spoilers for it, but I know there are fans that do, and the least that Marvel could have done for them was acknowledge that a certain number of their books might spoil ongoing stories.

    And the double-page spread with Blake turning into Thor was amazing. 

  56. What does that even mean?  The cyborg parts replaced body parts that he had lost, right? Did he magically grow back missing appendages?

  57. @vadamowens-His brain gets downloaded into a brand new body.

  58. There we go.  That makes a hell of a lot more sense, well at least for comic-speak.  Thanks man.

  59. Yeah I was more upset about the War Machine thing than I was with Steve because you knew Steve was coming back and this week was the last issue for the War Machine title and there was always the chance that he was going to be executed or be stuck in his cyborg body.  It would not have been a big deal had I read War Machine before Iron Man but it did not happen that way…..oh well, still loved both books and to anyone who hasn’t read the War Machine book I highly recommend picking up the trades, it was a lot of fun to read.

  60. @drakedangerz

    I think the whole point of Steve showing up was to give Pepper a sign.  And, it makes sense.  It’s not these creators fault that Rebirth, or Reborn, or whatever it is called is overschedule.

  61. @robkristie-Yeah, I’ve heard that argument and it makes some sense, but I think another character could have been used. One that is close to both Pepper and Tony. Jarvis or Rhodey perhaps? 

  62. @drake and everyone else…. What exactly is Jarvis’ current status? Is he dead? Did he come back after Secret Invasion? 

  63. @Prax-He is with Pym and his Mighty Avengers. Not sure why he hasn’t made an appearance in this book yet. 

  64. Nice to see people talking this up more and more.

     a couple things. Yes the design work is not revolutionery ias far as design goes but it is progressive in it’s context which is nice.

    Re: Ca no needing to be in the story. I disagree, Him, Thor and Iron Man have crap to sort out. They must all be in the story for that to happen.

  65. Also, anyone else get the impression Fraction is setting up a Rescue mini or on-going?

  66. Hi there, Steve-Rogers-From-Outta-Nowhere.

    (I know, I know…)

    I hope Rescue (or some iteration of her) is not gone for good. Though I wouldn’t mind a name change, heh.

  67. Hi there, Steve-Rogers-From-Outta-Nowhere.

    (I know, I know…)

    I hope Rescue (or some iteration of her) is not gone for good. Though I wouldn’t mind a name change, heh.

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