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  1. isnt this usually 2.99?

  2. @mikeandzod21-Yeah it usually is.  But last month’s issue was also $3.99.  Maybe they are bumping it up for this arc, I’m not sure.

    I love that cover.

  3. looks like Hickman designed that cover

  4. @vada: I thought the exact same thing when I saw that.


    Really excited to see where this goes. This is my favorite Marvel book right now and has been for most of the past arc.

  5. This is how to do covers!

  6. It’s not Hickman but rather … Ron Hughes I think his name is?

    Also, I do believe last issue had more story pages…

  7. Really looking forward to this issue, this has quickly become my favorite book (sorry Spider-man).  Love the cover this week.

  8. I’ll be hoping on with this issue. I’ve always liked Iron Man but got a little fed up with him over the whole Civil War thing. So I took a break and now I’m back, I realize that this is a deep story but my freinds have lent me there trades/issues so I believe I’m caught up and people keep telling my Matt Fraction is a writer I would like. so here goes nothing.

  9. I jumped on World’s Most Wanted about halfway through and could never understand the hype to the point where I was kicking myself for forgetting to take it over my subscription sheet.  The Iron Man stuff in issue 18 (I think… if that was the one with the original suit, then yes) I really liked, but I couldn’t stand the Pepper/Black Widow stuff.

    Then issue 19 came out and I wanted to take back every bad thing I had ever said about this title. 

  10. Awesome. Looking forward to this so much. 

  11. I really hope Rescue takes on the Iron Mantle for a few issues. It’d be great to see her stick around like War Machine did.

  12. finally this schmuck is dead.

  13. @Fvckstick-He’s not dead.

  14. Post Siege:


    Rescue=New ongoing

    Bucky=Captain America

    Steve Rogers=Iron Man 

  15. Rian Hughes designed the covers for this arc

  16. @JJ i said ‘like’, not ‘is’.

  17. Um…The info right above says Larroca did the cover. Am I missing something?

  18. Not even the shiny new cover can fool me into buying another issue of this. I hate Fraction’s writing more and more with each issue of his that I read.

  19. Larroca did the penciling, Hughes did the layout.

  20. I waited on trades on Most Wanted but not this time.  I’m picking this arc up and really excited about this book.

  21. @jumping: Gotcha.

  22. So there is going to be a $40 HC collecting Iron Man #1-19. Sweet.

  23. …ah the glory of ambiguous comic book job titles…

  24. Hey I got a different cover!

  25. as did I, but I’m assuming I got the same pages on the inside

  26. JOP?


  27. NathanNicdao-huh? 

    I got the same cover and it is gorgeous.  I love that they had the balls to completely make it different from other Marvel books on the stand.

    Oh, and an amazing issue as always.  I loved Tony’s final message. 

  28. …Why does this cover treatment look so familiar?  Not necessarily the art, but all the credits/titles/etc?

  29. Not necessarily a great issue (I wanted more!), but definitely the best book I read this week.

    I love the fact that he didn’t apologize. 🙂


  30. I was asking if this was a good jumping on point (JOP).. Sorry.

    So, should i jump here?

  31. @Nathan: Yes, I think this is a great JOP!

  32. Frig this was awesome! Heart wringing!

  33. @Nathan-Doh, I get it now.  I should have figured out what you meant.  JJ be correct, good jumping on point.  Not exactly a blow away issue, but a damn fine one indeed

  34. @Drake: Officially disagreed. Blown away is excatly what I was by this issue.

  35. haha. Thanks guys.

  36. As always, I loved this book. For me, this is the best book marvel is putting out, maybe my favorite title from either of the big two. Fraction has moved from apprentice to master on this book, and Larroca’s art, which I wasn’t initially crazy about, has steadily improved issue by issue. I feel lucky every time this title comes up on my pull list.

  37. I really enjoyed this issue and I really didn’t want to. There’s no excuse for doing the Bendis talking head thing in a book that’s normally much brisker to read. Overly wordy pages with nothing by Tony’s face… and still… this was a 5/5 for me and my POTW. Great stuff here. (Also… lame that we had to pay for Iron Man Saga this issue. Really lame.)

  38. @PraxJarvin: OH is that why it’s 3.99? Ok. I thought this was a 3.99 ongoing.

    The saga should’ve been fre like moon knight. There’s siege that’ll definitely help.

  39. Yeah, it is lame considering they give it free for other characters.

  40. Everyone will pick up that saga,

    Iron Man is famous.


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