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  1. This has been the real gem of Dark Reign.  World’s Most Wanted has probably been one of the best Iron Man stories in recent years, too. Awesome title. Totally deserved the Eisner win.

  2. I like this story arc mostly because it feels its going to build to something big which will have longlasting consequences to Tony. Who thought I would like the idea of an iron lady?

  3. Can’t wait to see where this goes.  This book is amazing, and as surprised as I am to say this, I am loving Larroca’s work.

  4. Jump on to this title half-way through the arc.  Glad I did, this is good stuff.

  5. I remember an interview with one of the editors (I think) at Marvel in which the person being interviewed said he foresaw Fraction’s run on Iron Man eventually coming to be regarded as one of those truly character-defining, legendary runs on a title a-la Miller’s Daredevil or Brubaker’s Cap; I don’t remember who it was that said that but I can definitely see the strength of his prediction with how awesome this book’s been

  6. I like Fraction’s work on this title much more than I have his X-Men run.

  7. @vadamowens – agreed. I dropped x-men months ago but Iron Man is maybe the best thing Marvel is publishing right now.

  8. @vadamowens It’s hard for me to reconcile that Fraction writes both. Or that Fraction wrote the majority of the Iron Fist run he did with Brubaker – one of my favorite modern runs. Still, Iron Man delivers month-in, month-out. I look forward to reading it. Sad to say, it’s the only Marvel book I feel that way about at the moment.

  9. This is hands down the best comic being published by Marvel. Fraction hit the ground running on this one, and Larroca has really grown into it. There is rarely a book I look forward to more on weeks this comes out.

  10. this is the best marvel book out right now.

  11. hands down fraction is doing a great job on Iron Man right now

  12. I like this!

  13. I also like this. I have never liked Iron Man but have been brought around by the buzz combined with top writing and art. I have been pushed away form the X-Men by the double power of Fraction (oddly) and Land (obviously). I loved Fraction on Iron Fist and I am, despite myself, loving this Iron Man run, which makes the X-men all the more of a aberration. Maybe Fraction cant write team books?

  14. What issue did this arc start at? Im thinking about picking up the back issues if there arent too many

  15. @JoeNY: His run started at #1 but that arc isn’t all that important to what is happening now. This current story started in issue #8 and I think it is a 12 parter so there are still several issues left. HIGHLY recommend this, this has the feel of a character altering storyline.

  16. I must be the only person not being completely blown away by this… I like it, sure, but I’m never excited to get a new one.  I think I jumped on at a bad point.

  17. I jumped on right after SI and this, along with ASM, are the only marvel books i’m genuinly excited about every single time they come out. That was very difficult to type for a marvel zombie like myself

  18. I’m not blown away either.  The first 6 issues, HELL YES!!  Since then, it’s been alright.  The art remains fantastic though.  We’ll see how it ends.

  19. not only is the arc fantastic, but the book averages out to coming out on time every month.  It debuted first week of April (I think, perhaps May?) of last year.  First week of August this year, and here it is.  Timeliness + exciting story + good technology based action + a fair smattering of both board room and international intrigue + beautiful women everywhere = a solid Iron Man book.

  20. Few titles kick this much ass. Need more be said?

  21. A few times, Natasha looked like an underaged pop star.  Weird.

    Great issue though.  I have new found respect for the creepiness that is Madame Masque.  Other peeps might not be digging this long arc, but I’m eating up every issue of it.

  22. Frikkin’ Amazing.

  23. Would love to see this get Josh or Conor’s POTW. Little love for Invincible Iron Man, HOW BOUT IT?!

  24. The Natasha/Maria plot of this arc is the real thing I have to wonder about.  All the stuff with Tony, Pepper, and Whitney, that all makes me say, yeah all three of them are crazy.  But then, what are those other two up to?

  25. oh yeah, and I still have plenty of love for freakin’ issue titles!

  26. Best comic I read this week. Always great to be reminded why it earned the Eisner.

  27. Wow, this was awesome! Great pacing, good character moments and very cool action scenes. Go Pepper!

  28. Really inconsistent art aside (in thiis issue: icky crotch shot, Madame mask has an eyeball on her forehead?) this book has delivered some good action. This issue wasn’t the strongest of the arc but I’m still looking forward to see where this is headed.

  29. I don’t know if I’d call this Marvel top book but it is top notch. Great read!  I’m wondering what will happen with Tony after DR and Steve Rogers returns.

  30. As someone who had grown very tired of IM and Tony following Civil War, I am very impressed at Fraction making this such a strong title.  Plus, am I the only person happy with the notion that the extremis uber-intelligence might be gone?  Stark was plenty smart and didn’t need an upgrade.

  31. This may be my favorite Marvel comic right now. I have been reading Iron man for 25 years and this is easily one of the best runs the title has seen in that time. Fraction and Larroca are KILLING IT on this title. Great, great stuff. Down the line, this is going to be looked at as one of the all-time great Iron man creative teams. 

  32. the thing I actually like about the extremis upgrade was that the under-armor would come out of his skin and he could don the armor at a moment’s notice.

  33. Great issue, 5/5 and My POTW. Blew the other books out of the water this week. Great book.

  34. One of the best things to come out of Dark Reign.

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