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  1. Aw yeah!

  2. On a light week, this has a very good chance of being PotW

  3. I’m interested in jumping on, but it’s in the middle of an arc. Should I just wait for the next one?

  4. @Onic:  Tony and Pepper are wanted by Osborn/Hammer, Tony made Pepper a suit which she has used, … and that’s pretty much all you need to know.

  5. Other details… Mariah Hill got zombified by the Controller, Norman siced Namor on Tony. Namor was defeated by Stark’s creative use of poop. Norman’s pissed mostly because Tony stole the Superhero registry by downloading it to his brain and now he’s erasing his brain so he’s getting dumber by the minute. Also, Stark enterprises is in the crapper.

    But it’s all stuff you could piece together. I’d say you’re good to jump on.

  6. iFanboy 2009 motto: Jump in!!!

  7. @DarthDuck: I add "judicously" to that motto.

  8. …and… Norman just put a bounty on Tony’s head for all the Hood’s goons.  PS: Hood’s lieutenant/lover?  oh yeah.. none other than longtime Iron foe Madame Masque.

  9. For anyone trade waiting: SPOILER ALERT!!! at everything above and possibly below me

  10. Pepper Potts in an Iron Lady suit? I’m VERY curious…

  11. THis has been a great book.  I say jump! like ladyboy david lee roth.  I have had fun with this whole series.

  12. Jump in judicously you scaredy cats!


    This book is so awesomely good it actually makes me nervous to read it!

    I mean seriously, the tension and sense of "OH GOSH I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT THIS IS AWESOME!!!" are ridiculously stupendous!!!

    JUMP IN!!!

    I wish everyone who walked out of "IRON MAN" could be handed a copy of an issue of Fraction and Larocca’s run on this title… I think more than a few people’d be hooked


  14. I got hooked on comics in major part due to this title coming out after Iron Man.

  15. JumpingJupiter: That’s awesome!! I’m kind of sort of in the same boat with the first "Spider-Man" and "Ultimate Spider-Man"; prior to that I’d left comics for a good while

  16. This was a solid issue.  Not great, but enjoyable. 

  17. A really good installment in the arc, all three main characters got highlighted rather well and each had good character moments. Was this the best issue of the run? No. Definitely feeling a little "Middle of the Arc" but… I have to say the quality of the book is keeping. Larocca’s art, which I always liked, is looking better each issue and less celebrity influenced with each month. (Which is odd because that was never the case before New Universal.)

    Overall.. good stuff. 4/5 only because I felt like Fraction’s writing felt a little off here. Not bad, but certainly not up to his caliber as previously shown here and on Iron Fist and Casanova. However, it is my POW. 

  18. I dropped this after last issue, I just couldn’t get past the art, but I’m glad to hear that Larroca’s stuff is getting better.  I think I’ll get the trade when it comes out.

  19. Yeah, Larroca specifically changed his art style between arcs of Milligan’s X-Men.  I preferred it when it was inked by Danny Miki and colored by Liquid!.  That said, the best thing about his art in this book is the way the melding of man and machine comes off.  And that man/machine hybrid is really the center of the best Iron Man characters and scenarios.  Plus, Larroca has been on time; I don’t think this book has missed a single ship-date.

    Story-wise, this arc has been great.  Really looking forward to where Fraction takes the book next.  Between this, New Avengers, and probably other books, certain characters are really gaining evidence to work against Osborn.  I can’t help but wonder if Dark Reign will end in a major pooling of resources by the real heroes of the Marvel U.

  20. Oh! Another great thing about this book? Story titles!  I love it when an author actually takes the care to title an issue.

  21. @abirdseysView I noticed at Marvel titles seemed to be going less and less out of Fashion. Fraction is really good at them. Bendis… well… it depends on how fast he did the script if there even isn’t one. I think part of the problem with having those "Previously in X-Men" pages is that there’s less need for a title per issue.

    Say what will you about Stan lee but he knew story titles. "This Man! This — THING!" 

  22. Yeah ABirdseysView and PraxJavin, when I look back on some of the stories that have left the most profound impression on me over the years, more often than not, they are stories with awesome, memorable titles. I love it when an author will actually take that time to craft an excellent title; to me it’s like he’s gone that extra little length to add a final, very effective sheen of paint over the rest of the finished product.

     Another great issue; I can’t wait to see what happens next month!!

  23. Holy crap what a great title!

  24. I have been a fairly vocal detractor of Larroca’s work on this title. But I feel he really pulled it together to the point where I enjoy his pencils now. Plus he’s on time! I still say he needs an inker but I can roll wit hit. Sal draws mechs soooo awesome!

  25. *Love* this book; the only thing keeping it from being my PoW was the lack of an "oh shit!" moment at the end (which both New Mutants and War of Kings had).


  26. I must admit I’ve been sleeping on this title. I was tired of Iron Man after the last few years. But this is some great storytelling. I’m surprised Fraction isn’t getting more credit for re-invigorating both Iron Man and Uncanny…he’s doing a great job.

  27. I have  to admit I find it somewhat odd that I LOVE Fraction’s Iron Man, yet can barely stomach his run on Uncanny X-Men (actually liked the Order too). Fraction & Larroca have done it again, delivering yet another solid issue of Invincible Iron Man, I really love this team on this title, hope both are around for quite some time on this run!!! Great work!!!

  28. Hmmm, I re-read this (as I do pretty much all my comics) and I have to say that Sal’s work is his best on this title yet. The photographic elements are mostly seamless now where as before they were obvious and hokey. That first shot of the beach was actually pretty well put together. And the faces were no longer "melting". Shockwave looked really slick too!

    The story had a "getting from here to there" feel to it though. I enjoy the way the issues are constructed similarly with each character undergoing parallel adventures. I get the feeling this issue was necessary for us to get kicked in the teeth in the next few months.

    It’s unfortunate that the title isn’t getting the deserved credit for redeeming Tony. I really do think this’ll become a classic run.

  29. Is anyone else completly lost on how they will turn this whole "tony being dumb" thing around?  I loved this book, but I want to know what will happen with tony’s mind.

  30. I have no clue how it’ll turn around. I’m thinking Mariah looking fro Cap has something to do with his contingency plan…

  31. This story arc reminds me of the issues that came out in Captain America after Steve died. 

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