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There’s someone new in the Invincible costume, but why – and for how long? Answers to all these questions and more in this monumental status-quo-altering issue!

art & cover RYAN OTTLEY

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  1. Just wait until idiots act like Kirkman was cribbing from Ultimate Spider-man with this idea. Wasn’t this revealed about a year ago?

    • Haha yup this was revealed a LONG time ago. April 1st 2011 actually 🙂

    • It is funny how Bendis was able to write this into Ultimate Spider-Man before Kirkman.

      I gotta imagine Kirkman was MIGHTY pissed when he saw Miles Morales in the making.

    • I’m pretty sure Kirkman wakes up looks at his Walking Dead tv show cheque and doesn’t think twice about Ultimate Spider-man Vol 3.

    • It isn’t like Bulletproof is taking over as Invincible like Mike Morales did in Ultimate Spider-man. The way I read this issue, Bulletproof is just using Invincible’s costume to cover Mark’s duties with Invincible, Inc., so that their company doesn’t fail. It’s just a temporary thing while Mark recovers from the virus.

    • Oh god, they’re everywhere I turn.

      Somebody on another board asked “Anyone get the feeling there was more than a little bit of a homage to Ultimate Spider-Man here?”


  2. Do any longtime Invincible readers, do you think this might be a good jumping on point? I haven’t read Invincible since issue #69

    • hard to say, last issue ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, maybe take a look at the store/previews first then decide?

      I would the next issue after this would be a better jumping on point. This is just conjecture for now, though

  3. Cool, ill flip through it, i miss reading this book monthly, and i’ve just been waiting for a good jumping on point. to get back into it. I also miss the gorgeous Ottley art, ive always been curious what his style would look like on a DC book….

    • Probably won’t happen though, Ottley has said he makes a lot more money working on Invincible than he would working for either DC or Marvel.

    • Not every artist needs to do a Marvel/DC book. His talents are much better suited here, where he can actually create and stay on a book longer than 5 issues. Also, the money is good, like @wiski said.

  4. Well I am finally caught up to this title! I have bought and read all the trades and the current issues and this is just another wonderfully creative and fun title. Mr. Kirkman you are one of a very few writers that I know by name now, there are also very few artists as well. This is not because of lack of talent it is just certain individuals are that much better, and besides I will be honest I understand that the writers and artists are the ones that make the books and charcacters what they are however; I get so drawn into the characters I rarely think about the people that are making them. I know, I know that makes little or no sense right? Example:
    The Walking Dead-Robert Kirkman
    Invincible-Robert Kirkman
    The new gods-Jack Kirby
    Spidey, FF, X-Men and Hulk-Stan Lee
    Jim Lee’s artwork on anything I know it’s hi.
    Alex Ross I know it’s him
    George Perez I know it’s him
    so on and so on… maybe that will clearify what I was saying


    • I know what you mean. I too, can always instantly recognize anything done by Alex Ross. Also Juan Jose Ryp; Eduardo Risso; Jeff Lemire; Sean Murphy; and especially, Mike Mignola. I’m sure I missed some but these particular artists came to mind immediately.

  5. I think Ottley is awesome, but I have not been enjoying the stories for a while now. For some reason, I’m reluctant to give it up.

  6. I usually read Invincible in trades from the public library; but I’ve been having loads of fun reading comics on my new Kindle Fire, and might pick it up monthly in electronic form.

  7. I’m still only on Volume 5 of the big hardcover Ultimate Collections. So I have a little way to go yet before I’m caught up to read this. Wish it wasn’t the case, I’d love to get Invincible in monthly issues.

    • I did things the old-skool way with Invincible. Jumped on board with monthlies with issue 68 and have also been reading the hardcovers to catch up as I go along. Occasionally I lose track of where I am in continuity but even so I can recommend it. I haven’t felt like I’ve spoilt too many plot lines that way.

  8. I m confused. How do we go from cliff hanger in the previous issue, to what this cover says “a new direction” in this issue. I’m sure it will be fine, but how did we get here.

    • More than likely just marketing.

    • Maybe the cover is a red herring. The status quo change in this issue isn’t a new person taking over as Invincible as depicted in the cover. It’s what was revealed to Thraag regarding Mark. Way back in issue 54, Immortal from the future said something about Mark being sick (hence the scourge virus) and becoming the leader of the Viltrumites. So maybe that’s the status quo change that starts in this issue.

  9. My first issue. I dug it.

  10. Wow! just wow! 5/5 POTW. I think this has become my desert island comic. If I could only pick one this would be it because it never gets dull and when you least expect it kirkman pulls the rug out from under you…again!

  11. I gave this issue a 4 and enjoyed it, this is a very stable comic; I can be sure that whenever I pick this up I am going to be entertained. This is you had very little action except for the awesome head popping scene! Kinda of a set’em up issue for other things to come, a great jumping on point for anyone intrested in reading this wonderful super hero book. The best way to discribe this title is that it is a rock in flowing stream. Jump on board everyone if you can, drop one of like 8 or so X-men titles or one of the New 52’s like Captain Atom or Blue Beetle and get something that has been quality since its inception. Thats 89 issues and really I know I was a late bloomer on this title and had to read thru the trades to get to a monthly issue guy however; it was time and money well spent. Great job to Kirkman and the gang on a fantastic title which in this day and age is hard to stay consistent.


  12. Are we going with Invinciproof or Bulletvincible?

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