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The dust is settling, the war is over… but nothing will ever be the same. Mark and Eve, Nolan and Debbie are reunited, but the Viltrumites have… well… you’ll just have to read the book to find out.


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  1. Never have I been more stoked for a “playing softball” issue.

  2. @CaseyJustice  Well put. After all of the action, action, and more action, it will be nice for Kirkman to take it down a notch and see how things have fallen into place. Anyone think Eve’s “secret” from Mark will be revealed this issue?

  3. Sloth love Invincible.

    I can’t friggin wait for the trade. 

  4. @HailScott – Considering how long Mark’s been gone, I’ll be surprised if that secret isn’t already “out,” so to speak.

  5. Should be interesting to see what happens between Mark’s mom & dad, that’s gonna be quite tense I would think.

    I also agree with @CaseyJustice, now that the fighting’s over it’ll be nice to have a breather issue or 2 with some character stuff. 

  6. mark my words, Mark is going to found out he has a kid in this issue

  7. He was gone 10 month. He should have one, if nothing terrible happend.

  8. 10 months, hey? it has to be longer than that

  9. Atom Eve is hot. She’s my com
    ic book crush

  10. yup

  11. We got it a week early in the UK. Great issue!

  12. boobs?

  13. New status quo issue. Cannot wait to see how this starts to shake out

  14. if this was a top cow book they never would have covered atom eve’s ass with that photo of mark’s parents lol

  15. Is this the best Image Book? What do you think?

  16. @Optra08:  I don’t know if it’s the best or not but it’s the best Image book I read (Chew is close though).

  17. man. i really can’t stand Chew. this is pretty

  18. @Optra08: Not for me (prefer Savage Dragon, Chew, Walking Dead), But it’s prettys darn good most of the time.

  19. Holy crap this was a great issue. I hate when Invincible and USM come out the same week cause it’s almost always a fight to decide POW because they both are consistently awesome!

  20. Great as always. Being dumped into the new status quo with Mark is a great story device when a pro like Kirkman does it.

  21. From now on, I plan on ending every conversation with I leave you.


  22. Great cool down ish, but I’m super impatient about the baby! Did she have it? When will Mark find out?! This is not an indictment of the book, I’m just a whiny asshole.

    The Eve reveal was genius, as was Mark’s reaction. Oh, and the William reveal. Oh, and the moment with Cecil. Oh, and the everything.

  23. why is the baby not out yet? Does it take more than 9 months

  24. @HailScott:  yeah that was pretty funny.  I get the feeling Kirkman couldn’t quite come up with a good way to end that conversation so he just wrote that.

  25. @AmirCat – I don’t think that she was still preggos. Just still carryin’ that baby weight. MAYBE?! WHO KNOWS?! DAMMIT!

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