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  1. Walker art and more Allen goodness.  Hell yes.

  2. I’m hoping the Viltrumite War has some time to catch your breath.. this book has had a lot of action, action, action lately with the 1 issue crossover in #60 and then the Conquest fight which went for several issues.  There’s a lot of threads hanging out there to be followed up on (like the sequids, etc. which I’m sure we’ll see more soon). 

    Also, I’m hoping for Battle Beast to show up in Viltrumite War and do something big.  Anytime Battle Beast, Allen, or Tether Tyrant appear in this book it’s awesome.

  3. my looking forward to book of the week.

    which is helped by the Image united prelude

  4. The beauty is that you don’t know if the viltrumite war is gonna be 12 issues, or 2.  Kirkman is so unpredictable

  5. I hope Brit makes another appearence soon!

  6. @hailscott haven’t heard much about Brit.  Is it worth adding to my monthly’s?

  7. @vadamowens-Can’t add it to monthly books since it’s been cancelled 😉 

    You can pick up the trades though.  It’s alright.  He old man has his die hard fans.

  8. Cory Walker! Allen the Alien! Should be fun.

  9. @vadamowens: The series had its ups and downs. Check out one of the early trades (before the series). Kirkman has said that he really likes the character, so hopefully we’ll see more of him. I’m at work (and don’t have the issues in front of me), but there’s a great exchange between Brit and Cecil a bunch of issues ago where Brit refers to Invincible as a whiny kid (parphrasing here). He’s that kind of old-school, just-hit-the friggin-bad-guy-already kind of characters.

  10. This was a solid issue on all fronts but I wish we could just take a breath for a few issues.  The pace of this book is leaving me exhausted.

  11. @Spoons 

    I hear ya man, but part of me is LOVIN’ that! 😀 

  12. great issue.  Lots of humor.  Cory Walker’s art was great.

  13. So all the male Viltrumites sport mustaches, but what do all the female Viltrumites have in common?

  14. hairy armpits

  15. This was a truckload of awesome. Nolan + Allen the Alien > God.

  16. Nolan and Allen are better than God (the concept or the reall thing)… um, let’s just tone it down a little bit

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