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  1. The return of Cory Walker!!  Lets hope for a good explination for Allen’s gloves and boots 😉

  2. I’m finally caught up and can now start buying this in single issues.  I hope to see Allen and Nolan pop more brains out of the top of bad guy’s heads.  Yes!

  3. Wasn’t a fan of walker when I started invincible but I enjoyed his art in destroyer. Walker’s not doing the invincible war issues as well right? Just the issue(s) leading up to it?

  4. @shenanigans-Nope, Walker texas ranger is just doing these two issues while Ottley continues to work on the issues that follow.

  5. @Drake:  I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy the switch.  I think that this book has been getting noticeably stronger artistically in the past few months.  I’m assuming that this break was scheduled to give Ottley a little more time especially if he’s working on Image United.  "On time in ’09", so far so good.

  6. I love how I have been reading this book since #37 and feel no desire to drop it. Everything I have read since becoming a member of iFanboy has run it course, but not this title

  7. Oh yeah, Allan the Alien returns!  Yah!

  8. @Simmons- I agree totally, I’ve read the whole series and it’s shown no signs of dipping at all in my opinion. 

    Plus- It’s always cool to check in on Allen the Alien.  I’m glad that if Ottley’s getting a break, Walker’s the guy coming in.  Both of them have killed it on this book.

  9. @ato220-according to Kirkman, this is not being done in order to give Ottley a break so he can work on Haunt or even the following issues of Invincible.  I’m not sure I entirely believe that, but that’s the office word from the man with the bitchin’ beard.  If he is lying, I’ll let him know that I don’t approve.

    As for the switch, I love it.  I enjoyed Cory’s first arc, but since then I feel he has improved as an artist and can’t wait to see what he does here with the characters that he helped create.

    P.S. It was Cory’s birthday a few days ago.  Head over to the Kirkman board and give that big lug a virtual hug!

  10. I agree with a few of these posts- no disrespect to Cory, we know he helped create the character and all, but the art in this book gets better and better. He’s been gone a long time at this point- it seems like a step backwards.

  11. @HailScott – Have you seen his recent work in Destroyer? It was absolutely fantastic to me (and honestly, preferred to Ottley, though Ryan bleeds awesome as well).

  12. Yeah, I think most people have not taken a gander at the artwork on Destroyer.  His style has evolved since those long years ago when he started Invincible.  

    Not that I want Cory to replace Ryan, just excited to see what Cory does here.

  13. Does anyone else think that this book might be moving too quickly? We went from the Invincible War to Conquest to now the Viltrumite War. But that’s to say that I’m complaining, they all have been awesome, just worried that Kirkman is not spreading out his big stories enough.

  14. Better to have the story get to where it is going, as opposed to meandering around with no meaning.  The faster it gets to Invincible and his genetically designed bride being rulers of Earth the better 😉

  15. Ottey is fantastic. I’m actually gald he’s getting a brake from the title. One, he deverses it. Two, he will be refreshed when he gets backs.

  16. deverses…hmmm;)

  17. @ottobot and drakedangerz: I didn’t like the art in Destroyer that much, either. Obviously, he is an incredibly talented guy. I guess he’s just not my style.

  18. Viltrumite War!

    I love cosmic stuff!

  19. ha ha whoops




  20. I’m a huge fan of Ottley, but I am excited to see Walker do some INVINCIBLE again. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Allen the Alien!

  21. The art was nice, but I would still place Walker as my least favorite artist to ever do pencils on this book.  That everything to do with personal taste, I have always loved the art on this book, I just love it a bit more with others.

  22. @Spoons-Least favorite artist to do pencils on this book?  There’s only been two 😛

    I loved this.  Great great stuff in here. 

  23. I was disappointed when Walker left.  Ottley progressed at an insane pace though to quickly become one of my favorites.  I’ll be glad when Wya is back on it.  I think it’s Walker’s inks that I don’t like.  I didn’t care for the art in Destroyer either.  Story 5/5, Art 3/5.  Since Allen is in it, it’s a 5 all the way though.

  24. Coup de Maître

  25. yeah, something was off w/ either the inks or colors because I like how Nolan looked in Cory’s earlier Invincible issues than this one.  The lines looked "rounder" if that makes any sense (hard to put a finger on it).  But the story was great. 

  26. I could read an entire series dedicated to Omni Man and Allen the Alien scouring the universe for anti-Viltrumite artifacts. Excellent issue.

  27. Why is Kirkman so obsessed with having characters interupted just before they start doing it? What’s wrong with the dude?

  28. My store doesn’t order enough copies so I’ve missed out on the last 2 issues. I’ve given up on some books because of this. I hate using online services. Ugh.

  29. I really disliked the direction Walker’s art has taken. His style is completely different from the early Invincible arcs. And It’s a real drop in quality. The faces are inconsistent and "mushy". And the colors made it even worse. The inks seemed kind of clumsy. Bad art all around. 

  30. @MarkS-Then you should tell your store to order more copies.  Either that or find a new store to use.

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