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  1. Who helps him here? Little brother? One would have to assume there’s got to be at least one Invincible (from the other dimensions) besides Mark that has some good in him right? Maybe that’s where help comes from.

  2. I just read 60 and 61, Kirkman is doing such an awesome job with this book.

  3. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Kirkman’s dialogue, but he changes the status quo more than anyone, and Invincible always seems fresh.  I really respect him for that.

  4. agreed

  5. Capn Kirkman. looking forward to this one. enjoying Wolfman too.

  6. This and the Walking Dead are the comic highlights of each month.

  7. @jobob: I’m thinking Eve wakes up and helps him here.

  8. @Jobbo, he’s dad is still out there too

  9. here’s hoping it’s allen the alien!

  10. Man, Ryan Ottley can draw the hell out of a comic book.

  11. what’s up with these cartoon thumbs up avatars?

  12. That was an awesome minute and a half of reading (I know, I know, he says in the letters that I must be reading it wrong).

  13. @ Edward . Yes his dad is still out there, as is Allen the Alien. However, I sure as hell hope neither of those 2 help because i want to SEE them battle it out of that prison ship. I have been begging for Kirkman to finally revisit that situation and show us some shit. Hell I’d love it if he did a mini series based just on that situation and Allen the Alien.

  14. That being said this was a pretty damn solid issue, no awkward dialogue just great art and Mark getting his ass beat.

  15. @jobo247-They already escaped from the prison ship back in issue #55.  As for more Allen and Nolan, that’s coming up in the two issues that Cory Walker is coming back to do in a few issues, after Conquest wraps up.

  16. Kirkman’s commentary on the letters page regarding the potential perceived brevity of this issue had me cracked me up because that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when I was done reading the issue:

    "Man, that was over fast!"

    But it really was a fun issue, and it’s got me even more excited about what comes next. 

    Ryan Ottley’s art is, as always, utterly fantastic, and Kirkman sure knows how to keep things extremely intriguing… 

  17. The issue did read a little fast, as Kirkman acknowledged, but I believe it got a lot done. We saw the big, beautiful fight scene, got to see Oliver and a hint at what Cecil is doing, etc. It was a solid 5-stars all the way. It did exactly what it set out to do, and I can’t wait to read the next issue.

  18. that was fast

  19. Shit I am an idiot. Yes that did happen in 55, my memory of the issue was faded. What I recall more clearly now after digging through my longbox and finding it was that I felt like when they stated "no one is coming" …. certainly someone would show up to stop them…

  20. this was a really well written fight. oogle those fucking pages, savour it.

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