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  1. I love this comic but these damn delays…mthey make it tough.  For a guy that pretty much burned all his bridges with Marvel and, to some extent, DC…Kirkman doesn’t seem too concerned with putting all his books out on time.  Sorry, this issue comes up all the time on his forums but I can’t help but vent sometimes.

  2. Kirkman’s supposedly working on some grand scheme to keep his books on schedule. It will, however, take effect in January ’09. That’s assuming that it works out at all. I believe in Kirkman, though, and always make a point of picking up this book.

  3. The lateness does suck on a book this good but I think thats the catch… The book is so good its worth it.

  4. I tend to give Kirkman a long leash when it comes to lateness. While Marvel and DC are corporate entities which have an effective conveyor belt of comics to churn out, Kirkman has a small team that get a book together and they have Image to facilitate the publishing.

    When you have such a small team, it must be really difficult to not have "real life" interfere. 

  5. I love this book so much that I can accept a little lateness from Kirkman.

  6. i recently finished reading all the trades and the issues.

     I loved it until 51.

     I’m not sure I like the way this book is going after 50, but I’ll give it a few issues.

  7. its too bad its late.  Its too bad that his "real life" interferes.  It’s still his job.  After playing himself off as some messianic figure he better start getting his damn books out on time.


    one thing i’m very sure of….. Kirkman knows he only gets paid after her gets an issue out….

  9. @Anson17 I don’t think that’s fair. He didn’t portray himself as a messianic figure. He just had this idea about why the comic industry isn’t going as well as it should be. he had an idea. he shared it. what’s wrong with that? he didn’t say he was going to save comics.

     also, I have no clue why this book is late. So i’m not going to assume that the people behind this aren’t doing their best to get this out on time. whatever. it’s a good book. i still remember what happened last issue. everythings okay.

  10. I coulda sworn I saw a quote about him "saving comics" somewhere, maybe its just from hearing other people use the phrase.  I know my comment was a bit harsh, but there’s guys who write way more books that actually come out on time and saying he can get away with it when he’s with a smaller publsiher is bull.  Image may be smaller but if it wants to be taken seriously then it needs to start getting its product out on time.  Almost no other business allows this kind of crap, especially without some kind of punishment.  Two of my favorite writers have notorious problems for being late (Vaughan and Whedon) but I don’t just act like they’re off the hook or whatever.

    Yes I’ll still read the books, I love invincible and walking dead, but I’m getting to really dislike kirkman’s attitude.  I know people tend to swear by him on this site but after Jimski’s article on the bulletproof writer I’ve realized that most of us tend to give a little too much leeway to certain creators.  

     Sorry for the Hate.  I still love the books.

  11. @Anson17 fair enough.

  12. The delays make me lose interest but, when an issue does come out it is too good to drop.,

  13. I’m excited for where this is going.

  14. I think Kid Omni Man has been hurt by being home schooled. Kid needs some socializing. Set him up a play date or something…

  15. I too am really excited for where this arc is going. The moment that kid hit the pages, I knew he was a ticking time bomb of trouble to come. I’m so looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

  16. when a book is edited by one of the creators and when its just one penciller on the book, 8 to 11 issues a year is pretty good

  17. @NealAppeal

     Spot on. He should be seeing other kids his age. 

  18.  i love this book also but the latness and the amount of time it takes me to read it makes me wish that the book had more pages

  19. It is a good book don’t get me wrong BUT I’m not sure it would have been my pick of the week if it shipped against other great titles.  It’s good but against other books in my pull list it didn’t have any real tough competition.

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