• Walt Simonson draws the Hulk AND Thor!

• Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim!

• Hulk vs. Frost Giants!

• Guest-starring Thor!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Walter Simonson
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Walter Simonson, Dale Keown, Mark Morales, & Edgar Delgado

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’m loving all things Mark Waid, adding Simonson on the book makes it even more impossible to not get.

  2. Mark Waid and Scott Snyder have some of the best artists on their books.

  3. I must admit I have not seen a Simonson work on a book in the present; always from his work in the 80s/90s. Not saying it’s going to be bad or anything. But it will be interesting to see how his Thor looks NOW in comparison to his seminal run.

    • He did a few issues toward the end of Bendis’ Avengers run and his Thor and his Red Hulk look awesome so this should be great. The colorist is gonna make or break this one i think

  4. Really liked the last two issue arc, big fan of Waid’s Hulk. Got to admit though, not a fan of Simonson. Just don’t like his style.

    Do we know how long he’s on it for? Is it just this arc so he can draw Thor some more?

  5. Light week means I get to pick this up – missed the first arc, but I’m looking forward to the Simonson art.

  6. The cover is awesome. I for one really dig Simonson’s style. The Judas Coin was fantastic.

    I”m super stoked to hear Scalera will be doing interiors soon. His sketch ups have been my faves.

  7. Walt on art for 3 issues with Hulk, and Thor. No matter how good or bad this is it will still be awesome….

  8. Retro week for Marvel? This and Deadpool.

  9. Really loved this.

    Simonson just killed it with this issue. So many wonderful layouts and background. That and he clearly hasn’t lost a step when it came to Thor. Although it must be said that he doesn’t draw the best Bruce Banner. He looked more like Norman Osborne than anyone else. That and I have to admit I am not really gelling with this scientists that Banner is partnering with. They really don’t have much of a personality and this started to really read better once we got into Jotunheim.

    Maybe I’m nitpicking up there but this was my POTW in the end so what do I know?

    4.5/5 (POTW)

  10. Great issue! The Hulk ship has sure been righted since Waid took over. I’m looking forward to more of Banner’s team having some character development. So far, nothing really distinguishes them for me. But I think they have the potential to be great supporting characters.

  11. Great book from a nostalgia aspect, but after Simonson’s done?

  12. Okay, you’ve got to love that last line in the book! Seeing Simonson draw Thor again was a real blast from the past. This is my first Marvel Now Hulk issue but it won’t be my last!

  13. Like it. Enjoyed it. Love the new angle on Hulk. Armor is weird, yes.

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