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Bruce Banner is the Hulk once again, and far from being left alone, he’s got a whole family of gamma-charged allies at his side. Son Skaar, daughter Lyra, cousin She-Hulk, friends A-Bomb and Korg, and wife Red She-Hulk – or is that EX-wife? Meanwhile, a universe away, Hiro-Kala, the mysterious DARK SON of Hulk, rises to power on the planer K’ai. He has a plan for his long lost family members, and it involves a bigger smash than his father has ever made.

The Incredible Greg Pak (PLANET HULK) kicks off the DARK SON story as INCREDIBLE HULKS begins a new TWICE MONTHLY schedule!

WRITER: Greg Pak and Scott Reed
ARTIST: Tom Raney and Brian Ching

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. So does this mean the Jeff Loeb Hulk book is cancelled? And we get just one Hulk book a la Amazing Spider-Man? If so, that’s great! They should do this with the Avengers too.

  2. I believe that is a ‘No’ on all counts. No Loeb wasn’t canceled. I believe he was just done with Hulk and moving on to his next thing. The book ‘Hulk’ continues with Parker writing it. Instead, this is an effort to pull even more money out of our pockets. If Pak can truly do his own thing, I have hope that it will be good and I will buy the 2x issues. If it is weak I could finally go on a Hulk break.

  3. I somehow missed this with my order due to the name change…. grrrrrr.  I love the Hulk titles.  These along with the Avengers are the main Marvel books I’m buying.

  4. Is Pelleiter still penciling?

  5. I’m hoping this is good coming from Pak…just not sure I want to read about the "Hulk Family"…getting to be too many gamma-powered people on the same page, haha.

  6. The previous issue of Hulk was my last, but I think I’m going to be sticking with this.

  7. Most superhero teams are comprised with members with a different abilities.  Like one person can fly, another person is strong and another person is a speedster, etc.  What’s unique about this team is that they all have one power…to smash (I know there are exceptions, like Skaar’s old power, A-Bombs chameleon thing).  Should be interesting to have a team with a concentrated power.

  8. Jumping on point for me and I really liked the main story, the second story not so much.


    I also am intrigued by the idea of everyone just being strong

  9. The first half was pretty good, but I could really care less about Skaar’s twin brother and his exploits with the world-mind or whatever…ugggh.

  10. Yeah, I just don’t like Hiro-Kala (or whatever his name is). I’ve tried to read the various backups he is in and the story from the Realm of Kings HC I bought, but I just can’t get into it. Hopefully it will be concluded with the end of the Dark Son storyline and Hiro-Kala will go away.

    Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying the Hulk books and I will read anything Jeff Parker writes.

  11. Hiro Kala should go off into space and find himself until a writer comes up with an idea that makes him interesting. I suspect he would be away for a long, long time.

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