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FALL OF THE HULKS Tie-In The mysterious Red She-Hulk takes on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — and only Banner and Son can save the day! But will they? The life of an Avenger hangs in the balance as Bruce Banner finally reveals his true alliances and objectives! Be there as the gamma-sized FALL OF THE HULKS continues with fan favorite Hulk-writer Greg Pak (PLANET HULK, WORLD WAR HULK) and spectacular penciler Paul Pelletier (WAR OF KINGS)! Plus, a backup feature continuing the first mission of Red She-Hulk!

WRITER: Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak & Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Paul Pelletier & Ryan Stegman
COVER BY: John Romita JR.

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I havent read a hulk book since World War Hulk so have no idea why what was happening in this issue happened, but this had THE AVENGERS…Hank Pym, Bucky Cap, Skaar (drawn to look just like old Hulk), War Machine, Thor, Ronin, Ms. Marvel, Spidey and Wolverine.  And they were fighting 2 guys with giant heads, MODOK and the Leader. Plus there was and Namor were in here and a giant blue Rick Jones (I have no idea on the last one, but hey Jimmy Olsen sometimes has powers too so I can accept).

    The first story in this issue was pure good comics. Then there was the back-up story which was a bunch of nonsense to me.

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