“ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS,” Finale! IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! The past two years of storylines in Incredible Hercules have been building to one climactic moment, and here it arrives at last! The final showdown between Hercules and Typhon! Amadeus Cho becomes a true hero at last! And just why was Athena so happy at the end of “Sacred Invasion,” anyway? All secrets are revealed in what is undoubtedly the most shocking ending of the year! Don’t tell the Internet why we had to call this issue “EVERYBODY DIES!” PLUS! A bonus backup story featuring the AGENTS OF ATLAS!

WRITER: Greg Pak, Jeff Parker & Fred Van Lente
PENCILS: Rodney Buchemi
COVER BY: Alex Garner

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’m happy to see this end. It’s been painful to read and ugly to look at. I can’t wait for the post 2 issue mini to end so I don’t have to pick this series up anymore….Or the Prince of Power series coming out afterwards.

    Can’t believe I’m saying these things! My younger self from 2 years ago would beat the crap out of me!

  2. @TheNextChampion  Unfortunately I feel the exact same way.  Except I might still have to buy Prince of Power. I think its a mini, so its not too much of a commitment.

  3. This arc certainly wasn’t bad, but I think we put this final arc on such a high pedestal that it would be impossible to meet our ridiculously high standards. That being said, I do think that this issue will have an epic feel…or at least I hope so. This has been a good arc…nothing less and nothing more.

  4. I don’t agree at all. I have dug on this title all the way except for the WWHulk issues.

    When something is painful to read and ugly to look at, you need to stop buying it immediately.

  5. @comicbookchris: Considering this has been building up for almost the entire span of Pak/Lente’s run; I would think such high standards would be okay for me. Cause if this was their end game before getting into ‘Prince of Power’, then that’s a huge problem for me. If you compare this arc to the brilliant one’s before it (especially Thorcules and the Amazon Women arcs) then it is definitely a huge disappointment.

    @Scorpion: After this issue there is one two more of a mini series to finish the offical run of this particular book. Might as well get them and feel completed.

  6. This Arc has been a bit of a slog but the last two issues have been fantastic so I’m very much digging it.

  7. Then by all means, complete yourself with pain and hideousness.

  8. @Scorpion: I will, because sadly Marvel (or whoever else decided) to put Ariel Olivetti as the artist for that 2 issue finale……Ugh.

  9. Having followed this title from its start, this arc really let me down. The writing felt lifeless, clunky and text-heavy (for no real reason. Do we really need the Huntsman’s story for 3 pages? REALLY?) This used to be a title I would freely suggest. I felt down about it a year ago and almost dropped it, but the quality took an upswing. I probably won’t be getting the mini-series. Not interested at all.

  10. I thought last issue picked up a bit with Herc and Cho finally bantering back together again. They are fun together and that was a big part of this comic working before (although Thorcules amused). The other giant, battle Avenger stuff? Snore-fest.

  11. Well it’s offical, I am done with this series or at least done with the future.

    Such a disrespect for anyone following this series to the very beginning. I’ll remember the good times for sure, but not this four issue mess that just finished. I’m confused though:

    Why did Athena have to betray Hercules like that? "We can’t have two Princes of Power". You’re right you don’t have too…..Cause Hercules is right there still alive!! Makes no sense why that interaction had to happen.

  12. I had an alright time with this…I’ve been playing a massive game of catch-up with the Incredible Herc series lately, and since doing that, I’ve grown quite fond of Herc and Cho. Pak and Van Lente have done a great job in writing a script that allows you to connect with these characters, and so I was drawn into each issue. While a few of the recent issues have been plauged by slightly lazy writing, the connection was still there. Also, I wouldn’t lose too much sleep about this being the end, as there are certainly immediate plans for this story to continue. I love these characters, so I will definitely be on for the ride.

  13. I never read Herc before this arc, and I only picked it up because of the Agents of Atlas back-up. But for what it was worth, I enjoyed the Herc story. I may pick up the trades of the past issues in the future, or pick them up out of dollar bins.

  14. This issue tied things together rather well, and actually ended up being fairly solid. Could it be that involving the Mixed-Bag Avengers was a mistake? Because I liked a fair amount of last issue, in which they appeared infrequently, and I liked this issue more (In which not a single Avenger says anything!). I think there were some tribute to Jason Todd in Herc’s exit. I loved Athena’s emotional confession before bitter betrayal. I’ll say, it’s enough to get me to check out the mini. Because now I’m curious what really happened to Herc! 4/5

  15. The only consistant thing about this whole arc were the covers. All of them were very good.

  16. I’d like to retcon my previous statement. Kinda. I thought this was a great issue for the series to go out on. Made up for a mediocre arc (at least for me. I’m truly looking forward to Prince of Power.

  17. It was nice to see an end to this arc, but I’m genuinely disappointed to see the series ending. Herc and Cho had one of the best friendships in comics. Just two guys  hanging out and kicking butt. I’ll definitely follow Amadeus, though, as he’s a great character.

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