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  1. This seperate arc is just as good as the Thorcules one. It’s just that this focuses more on Pak/Van Lente’s smarts instead of their humor. Also, the art has been top notch as well with Buchemi on pencils.

  2. I’ve been enjoying this end of the storyline a bit less. It’s not bad. But it just doesn’t as compelling.

  3. When do the Agents of Atlas get on this book? That will be my starting point.

  4. I think there is a one shot in November for the Hercules event with the Agents of Atlas backup and then it will run also in the next issue.

  5. @Scorpion: I believe you are correct sir!

    Actually I think that is next week when ‘Assualt on New Olympus’ one shot comes out.

  6. I jumped on with last issue because I decided I needed a dose of dumb humor – I think I will stick around for this next issue to see if I like it.

  7. @albenson The writing on Incredible Hercules is far from dumb humor. It’s extremely well crafted, smart humor. The mythology is well researched and executed. Fred Van Lente comes to Marvel after writing the fantastic ACTION PHILOSOPHERS, one of the funniest, smartest and, quite frankly, best distillations of the lives of philosophers. It’s certainly a good book for humor, but it’s more nuanced. Say the style of humor of Simpsons compared to Family.

  8. There is some definite low brow, crude humor. The Thor/Hercules fight wasn’t all that.

    And dude has only read that last issue, so I can see where he picked up his perspective.

  9. This arc was just as great as ‘Thorcules’ and really showcased the talent of Pak/Van Lente.

    It had a nice conclusion to the story and it brings a lot mystery into the future of Cho. Also, the final two pages of this has me pumped up for ‘Assault on New Olympus’. My god I cannot wait for that to start next week.

  10. I liked this issue a lot, but I gave it a 4/5.  Something about this just felt off to me. I can’t place a finger on it either, but I just set it down after reading it and went "So the point was…?" And I get the point of the story, it just felt… like it was an issue too long. Still quite enjoyable. Though, I’m not looking forward to Spider-Man/Aunt May story line…

    @scorpion Oh, the series certainly does, but what I meant was that it’s not a humor book. And not everything is played for laughs. It’s a smart book with a sense of humor.


  11. Unlike what seems to be everyone on this site, I was feeling Cho’s half of the story more than Herc’s. This issue has me pumped for next week.

  12. probably my favorite of the cho arc.

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