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  1. I heard they are moving Agents of Atlas into this book as a backup . . . I’m so tempted to jump back on in issue cuz I do love this book . . .

    The next oversized hardcover collection comes out in November. I should just pick it up in one format.

  2. @scorpionMasada Yes, and that format should be single issues. 😉

    Hmm. This should be interesting. And a reference to The Twelve? Hmmm… Good news. 

  3. I like it how the bi-weekly issues are going to juggle two seperate storylines. Maybe it merges into one towards the end?

    Lente and Pak has wrote this so well that I actually miss Amadeus. All I know is that flying brains are involved so I am in on this.

  4. @TNC What’s sad is that I really didn’t miss him last issue.

  5. @Prax: That’s because the addition of chibi-Zeus replaces Cho….Somewhat

  6. Josh stated on the podcast that Marvel covers are pretty bland for the most part.

    I fail to see flying brains as bland 🙂

  7. Very different pacing then with Hercules involved. Still a soild book with me caring a lot about Cho. Ask me on caring Amadeus Cho two years ago and I would’ve laughed at you.

  8. What a great issue of Action Philosophers… Oh, that’s not what this is? I love Fred Van Lente. And it’s nice to see him applying the research he did for Action Philosophers to these stories. Definitely works. That said, I didn’t think this issue was great. GOod, certainly, but I find I don’t much care for Amadeus. 4/5 for me.

  9. Terrific issue– I do enjoy Amadeus.

  10. This was actually pretty good.

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