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  1. Is this late? It feel like this is late. Maybe my months are just ringing hollow ever since I’ve culled my pull list down to next to nothing.

  2. It’s a little bit late.

  3. Interesting character in the cover. Should be fun!

  4. Don’t these come out every 6 weeks?

  5. I’m really enjoying this series, hopefully this issue is just as good as the previous two.

  6. @Brandon2: The last issue came out 8 weeks ago

  7. Yay! Good to see this book back after a little bit of lateness. Looks very promising.

  8. I liked the first two issues and really want to continue this…but along with OttoBott, my pull list is getting knocked down a ton over the past couple weeks. Don’t know if this will make the cut if ASM, Cap, Walking Dead, and Dark Tower all in the same week.

  9. I have really enjoyed the the first couple issues, this is the kinda book that will get me in the store on Wedesday morning. I’m glad the wait is over!

  10. A one month delay for this hurts extra because that’s another month we have to wait for a new issue of Criminal. 

    However, this delay may be because their giving this mini another issue and may need more time to restructure and add stuff. 

  11. I liked the 1st issue of this title and the 2nd issue was even better.  I hope the trend continues with the 3rd.  I also enjoy the essays at the end.  

  12. This comic has been a little bit disappointing so far. Its been good but just not as great as i was expecting. 

  13. @WinTheWonderboy

     Give the first two issues a reread. It’s much better after you drop your previous expectations of it. I just reread the Coward arc of Criminal and I think they’re on the same level. 

  14. Any week Brubaker & Phillips put out a book is a good week for me.

  15. @miyamotofreak—Coward was good, but was a weaker than the other Criminal arcs. Bad Day (the last arc) I think was the strongest and best one. 

    The problem is, with their previous work(Sleeper included), they have set the bar so high for themselves. This has been disappointing, but that’s only in comparison to there other work.

  16. Alright!  Incognito is a great book.  I’ve been wait for this one.  Kick ass story and art work.  I’m really digging this.  I have to start picking up the criminal trades.

  17. @ScottB – I thought Coward was one of the strongest if not THE strongest of the Criminal arcs. *shrugs*

    But, I do agree this series has been SLIGHTLY disappointing, because of the creative team involved. It’s still really good when compared to every other comic though.

  18. Well Criminal has only had four arcs…

  19. wait…this is a mini?

  20. There was a really positive review of this issue over at The Comic Addiction (no spoilers just general stuff and not thing that we wouldn’t know already reading the series) that has me excited for the upcoming issue

  21. I remember really liking issues one and two but I’ll be damned if I can remember what the hell happened in them. I guess I should review before this month’s issue comes out tomorrow!?

  22. I think this series has been pretty average so far. It’s got more hype than it deserves.

  23. Art was a bit disappointing this issue for me. The story is going along nicely & I like it, but the artwork isn’t up to Sean Phillips usual standard.

    PS – What exactly was Ajax’s weakness? Getting shot in the eye balls point blank with a shotgun?


  24. @Wade  yeah i was thinking the same thing "Good thing I know his weakness. Close range buckshot."

  25. His face was completed undamaged, which means his weakness was his eyes.

  26. Best part of the issue was Brubaker promising more Criminal.

  27. @Urthona 

    We always knew we were getting more Criminal. 

  28. Seems like this book is hitting a stride.

     I like where it’s going

  29. i thought the art in this issue was fantastic, back to Phillips usual greatness

  30. @conor  ok that makes more sense. like if luke cage didn’t have unbreakable eyes


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