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This week I had only one pull. Usually with one pull, I’ll ignore the long drive back and forth to the comic book store. But when that one pull is a Brubaker/Phillips production I break my habits. Because Brubaker/Phillips are as good as any writer/artist combination in history and Incognito is further evidence of their immense skill.

In this issue we meet more of Zack’s old (supervillain) friends while Zack tries to figure out how to get rid of his best friend Farmer. Farmer is a bit of a dick, and has some funny ways of using Zack. Well until, everything comes crashing down at once. The (proverbial) shit does hit the (proverbial) fan. And with three issues left to go, a lot can and will happen.

Of note is that in Criminal, Brubaker/Phillips used frayed panels, while in Incognito, panels are not even used. Considering most artists would use black pages for this type of story, it’s a very interesting choice, one that’s very easy on the eyes. There’s a quote in a earlier issue, where Zack says he’s a file clerk in a world going paperless. Nice to see Ed Brubaker going a little meta, but not overtly.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. And… what?

  2. Good review. I think that the server is cutting pieces off, since this happened to me today.

    I now think that this book is much more like Sleeper than Criminal, but somehow I liked the Sleeper world a little more. Philips was, however, perfect in this book.

  3. Yeah, I think the server cut the text off.

  4. You can edit the review.

  5. I forgot what I ended the review with so I just changed it.

  6. You know something? This was on my pull list but my LCS didn’t have a copy for me when I came in at 11:00am yesterday!!  What the fuck, man.  I’m about to head over to the competition really damn soon…

  7. Was I the only who thought the first scene not panning out weakened this issue considerably?

  8. To me, it was a good way of showing that everything is falling out of order. I think the women of this story are key to it’s outcome and themes (Zoey Zep, Ava, and Amanda) and if Bru had introduced her to us later, it might have seemed forced.

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