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  1. i hope this issue is as strong as the first.

  2. There was quite a bit of bitching about the first issue, but I really enjoyed it so I’m gonna stick with this series. Brubaker always entertains me.

  3. If I’m not blown away by this issue, I’m going to pick it up in trade and wait for the return of Criminal.

  4. i’m gonig to bitch some more about this book…. Brubaker’s got to pick his game up because the first issue of this and the later issues of Criminal were no where near as good as the Coward and Lawless arcs.

     Having said that, this is still better than 95% of the comics out there

  5. I liked the idea in the first issue so i cannot wait till this one

  6. The Black Death. That’s a fucking honest name for a super-villain. I’m excited.

  7. im sticking with this through and through. i loved it since issue one.

  8. I loved the first issue, … but …  I’m going to wait for reaction and pick it up in trade.  The events are over, the thinning of my pull list has begun. 

  9. i really think this is going to be great.  First issue didnt blow me away, but i like it and where its going.  I’ll trust Eddy bru

  10. I’m buying this mostly for the typeface.

  11. did anyone notice the lack of black baorders around panel in the first issue? i really love that design element. it gives the art a slighly more modern feel

  12. Issue 1 was AMAZING.  So I am looking forward to this.

  13. People were bitching about the first issue??? I thought it was awesome. If people can complain about that, then it proves that people on the internet could find something to cry about in any situation. "Awwww, why did you give me all this free money! It’s so heavy & I don’t know what to spend it on."

  14. Yo’ve been TOLD!

  15. This issue is going to rule

  16. Brubaker is one of the best writers in comics.

    Criminal, Sleeper and his mainstream Marvel work is excellent comic work.

    This first issue of Incognito wasn’t that great.

    The first issues of all of his Criminal arcs were much better.

    I can understand why people have problems with issue one. I definitely didn’t see anything that justified the raving some folks did on here about how great it was.

  17. I’ve only read Criminal in trades (switching to monthlies after Incognito — I’m really digging the back material), so I have no idea how one #1 holds up to another #1, but I will say, the 1st issue of Incognito did a great job world-building, considering the usual set-up space needed for a completely New World. Fairly brisk but engaging, I’m looking forward to #2.

  18. I didn’t think the first issue was "great". However, it did get me very excited for where the series could go. It was a solid issue that as Otto said created a new and interesting world. It didn’t have a crazy cliffhanger, but it gave us a taste of something new, which is always satisfying.

  19. I really liked the first issue and in ended on a high note. In this issue we get to meet The Black Death, which will surely be entertaining. I’ll be picking this up.

  20. my shop either sold out by 2 or didn’t get any copies, so that sucks

  21. VERY good, again.  Wonderful stuff.

  22. I’m loving this

  23. Much better then issue one in my opinion. Now I know for certain im gonna stick with the singles for this and not wait for trade.

  24. @Chris – *hums* Ba da ba ba ba

  25. I thought this issue was a let down after the first issue (which was awesome) … this issue just felt kinda flat & kinda like issue 1.5. Not enough new stuff was added to the mix. I still liked it, don’t get me wrong, I’m just so used to be being blown away by Criminal that when an issue is just good from these guys, I’m surprised.

    The Black Death scene at the start was really good though, & the surprise cliff hanger at the end should mix things up nicely.

  26. yeah, i thought this was way better than the first issue.


  27. I thought this issue was OK, but more and more it just feels like another Criminal story with a few super-villains and masks thrown in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very well-done and Brubaker is a fantastic writer, but personally I’m just getting tired of crime-noir in my comics. I was hoping for this to have a bit more of a fantastical feel rather than more street-level tough-as-nails dialogue. I think I may be dropping it.

  28. damn it now i have ANOTHER book im following. great twist at the end

    PARADIDDLE- you were just expecting something different. your right on it being crime noir and street level but thats what brubaker does.  his captain america wasn’t fantastical

  29. I’m dropping this I find myself not caring about these characters.

  30. I like this!

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