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  1. First issue was my favorite issue of 2009. Cullen Bunn (The Damned) has me stoked for this one.

  2. The Bride is the IW that I most want to learn about – looking forward to this!

  3. Bride is by far the strangest, so I too want to learn more about her. How ever I’m interested in learning more about Dog Brother, because they hardly ever showed him or what any of his skills are like.

  4. I hope this is anywhere as cool as the Fat Cobra one was.

  5. Pulled because she’s the hottest Immortal Weapon.

  6. @countblackula: what about Tiger’s beautiful daughter? Or are you just in to Spider-goth more?

    not judging you, just wondering. 

     Still freaked me out when Brider o9S, ripped her skin open and spiders came flying out (back when the IMW fights where going on)

  7. The first issue was definitely one of the best single-issues of the year. Skip this at your peril!

  8. I wouldn’t say that last issue was my favorite single of the year, but it’s definitely up there in the top 10.

  9. I think they really dropped the ball with this issue.  I really didn’t care for it at all.

  10. I agree. This was immensly disappointing compared to #1. Maybe Jason Aaron should be writing all of these.

  11. It’s amazing how a great inker like guidiano can vastly inprove foremans normally loose pencils

  12. Yeah not so great, was hoping for more of a life story like Fat Cobra’s.

  13. I thought this was a pretty fun issue. Some of the looks Spider chick gives the "camera" are pretty chilling. But I somehow mistakenly thought Jason Aaron was writing all of the miniseries, not just the first issue.

  14. This was actually fantastic, much better than I expected. No, it’s not Jason Aaron writing Fat Cobra, but if you can get past that, this was actually a really nice single issue.  I’m digging the backup story with Danny going back to this street-level roots.

  15. Jason Aaron should be writing them all. It was interesting anyway.

  16. This was excellent Horror, not the usual mystical martial arts action you expect with Immortal Iron Fist/Weapons. I really enjoyed how different this was, and hope they continue to pleasantly surprise me with the rest of the series. However, now I’m cursed with psychodelic spider nightmares.

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