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  1. It doesn’t seem to be part of th last arc, so is this a good jumping on point?

    Note: I am going to get the upcoming Immoral Weapons miniseries

  2. I believe so, Sgt Seedy. It seems like the new status quo will be set up in this issue.

    Iron Fist just came back from a really, really long trip and found his company completely messed up. Now you’re caught up and ready to jump onboard!

  3. @sgtseedy iron fist is ending soon.  they are going to start main-staging the multiple immortal weapons in ‘Immortal Weapons’.  Then I heard they are going to have some sort of on-going team-up comic with all of the immortal weapons.  Sounds pretty cool.  Enjoy

  4. I will then immediately pick this up, it looks super awesome and fun.

  5. @sgtseedy If you dig Iron Fist, I would recommend either getting the individual issues #21-26 or waiting for the trade.  Some of the best writing and art I’ve seen on a B-title in a long fucking time!!!!

  6. I heard that they were just silently ending this book. From what I heard this is the last issue. Then they will do several one shots for each immortal weapon and then…that’s it? Has anyone else heard what they are doing after that?

    @vadamowens Any idea what the on-going team up comic is called?

  7. It’ll be called ‘The Immortal Weapons’.  Joecom posted that a month ago when the last IF book came out.

  8. Er, I thought this was the last issue of the ongoing (as per the solicitation on comiXology)?

  9. Marvel needs to stop charging extra for previews of other books.

  10. Was anybody else very impressed with the Fat Cobra preview?

  11. YES. the preview was really great.

  12. I rather have more danny, but this still looks fun.

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