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  1. I love that its only been a few weeks since the last issue.  Anyone know what other work Kano has done?  Aside from his stint in Mortal Kombat, I haven’t heard anything else he has done.

  2. Kano did a couple fill in issues of Aja earlier in the series and did some Gotham Central pencils too.  He still rips the occasional heart out too.

  3. Ahh, I feel dumb for forgetting that.  I just flipped through those issues and remembered I very much enjoyed the scenes he did.  Now I am extra giddy ^_^

  4. LOVED this Iron Fist’s story…

    Only a very very small nitpick… It seems like every Iron Fist created by Duane have their dragon scar on the same place as Danny, whereas the ones by Brubaker had them in other body parts, which I thought was a very nice design concept that I miss.

    Still… Loved it. 

  5. What I’d give to have Kano on the main book.

  6. Picked this up on a whim. Only other one I have read is ‘ish 21. What a great story! One those cases where cover art pulled me in and proved worth while. Art was slightly inconsistant for a few panels but whatever! 5/5

  7. When I discovered that this wasn’t the next part of the 8th city storyline I was very dissapointed.  Then I read it and quickly forgot my dissapointment!  Well written and well drawn!

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