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One of my favorite things about Immortal Iron Fist has been the
writers’ treatment of the title and “legacy character” aspects of Iron
Fist. The character and book have been given some much-needed depth,
helping it become something much more than just some fairy-ninja with a
poorly-designed costume. One of my favorite methods of this has been
the recollecting of stories from The Book of the Iron Fist, where we
find the likes of fishermen’s wives and Asian cowboys and cyborgs
serving up their own slices of K’un-Lun history.

I must admit, however, that it bothers me when (Fraction/Brubaker and
now) Swierczynski tell these tales in the middle (or near-end) of a
Danny Rand arc. Lately I’ve been wondering if they do this on purpose
or accident; have I just been dense and not realized the
(foreshadowing) parallels between the past Iron Fists and the present
one? Will Danny tell the ruler of the Eighth City to let his people go
and become the second Iron Moses? (Oh, perhaps I’ve hinted towards too

Whatever the case may be for DS, I don’t care at the moment because
this is probably the best thing he has done since the mantle was passed
down from Fraction and Brubaker to him. Not only that, but this is
alongside the future Iron Fist story as the best tales from the Book of
the Iron Fist.  I cannot begin to tell you how much heart, soul, and
spirit is packed into one issue. A pacifist’s becoming of a warrior, a
brother separated from his own, a people and city saved by each other.
It is simply beautiful.

Oh, but it is not all that is beautiful, friends. I have no idea who
this Kano guy is – other than one of the lamer characters in Mortal
Kombat – but sweet Christmas he literally draws the ugly out of this
book; after having to deal with Travel Foreman’s mixed bag of mostly
horrendous art, I nearly cried at how appropriate and fantastic this
man’s art is for this book. His style is as if Frank Quitely’s son
underwent much training from Grand Master Aja, and has now succeeded as
the artist for Immortal Iron Fist. The detail that goes into each page
are only matched by the expressiveness and energy that flows through
each one. It doesn’t hurt that he is a one-man artistic army, inking
and coloring his own pages.

I can understand why some of you may be hesitant towards a
kung-fu/martial arts-oriented comic having an issue dedicated to a
silly, artsy-fartsy pacifist who was only in the Thunderer’s school so
he look after his brother, but do not fear: The Story of Iron Fist Li
Park is one of the most inspiring, endearing stories I have heard in
and out of comics. If you like Iron Fist but have been avoiding the
main story due to the art or some sort of “allegiance” to Fract &
Bru, give this issue a read so it can chop you in the noggin. The
results, I assure you, are beautiful.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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