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Straight from the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK comes John Constantine!

Problem is, rather than help Andrew in his war against the Queen of Blood, Constantine figures it would make more sense to just wipe out all of the vampires, including Andrew!


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  1. I am really not a big Vampire guy however; this title I like. I can’t wait to see the interaction with the rest of the DCU!


  2. Agreed. I was afraid that this would be a Twilight knock off, but I’ve really gotten into it. Fantastic series.

    • I’m not sure why DC would publish a Twilight knock off at this point. They clearly still appropriately see their core demographic as 18-35 male. That said, the covers certainly could’ve reflected the tone of the interior art better and I understand why people would make the Twilight connection. Also, I, Vampire was originally created 30 years ago 😉

    • This is actually the first decent cover they’ve had on this book, sorry to say, Funny how much a cover can NOT reflect the interiors!
      By the by, an omnibus of the original DeMatteis series is coming out soon!

    • They ought to just take an interior panel and slap in on the cover. I hope the trade will get a decent cover, but it probably won’t. Sad.

  3. I was hestiant about the merging of superheroes with this title, but I’m onboard now.

  4. really enjoyed this issue. the tragedy just keeps rolling along:)

  5. This was a great issue… Was hesitant with the Constantine but he was perfect in it. I do think this will read so much better in trade but i am on board.

  6. This was yet another great issue 5/5

  7. The descriptor for this issue is pretty misleading, and the reveal at the end lacked weight, but overall, still digging this series.

  8. The ending alone is what makes this book worth reading! John is in like what seems to be to many books just like Deadman. Although here he really made me want him to stay in this title!!


  9. Another cracking issue, this series has been a real surprise package for the me. Does not seem to be in any hurry to get where it’s going but i’m enjoying the ride. Looks great, cant wait for the next issue.

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